PART 1 – LVE –

PART 1 Day Dreaming

It was a perfect morningLOL… Birds chirping around d country side nd hen’s cukdoo koo.Dead.. Everything around was beautiful with the very first sunrays glooming into d window at almost d day break nd all serene nd peaceful… Wink

Yet something was not fine Rano just could not sleep d night offAngry.. every half an hour she kept turning sides unable to xplain herself d growing restlessness in herOuch.. She tried to calm herself with cold water nd tried retreating but still coul’dntCry… Mohinder had got up twice worried with her restlessnes but could do nothing just sooothe her to bed.Wink.. At 5 it was enough for her to bear, she walked down to kitchen nd started brunching her usual APPLE Ouchscannig through her BB *no latest updates*Broken Heart Sighsss… nd walked directly to her garden to tkae d chill breeze but all she could feel was rhythmic convulsions of her body Embarrassed which she had never felt before in her lifeOuch… Lost in her pain she almost bumped to her father who was watering the plants! Oops.. Sorry nannu LOLwas all she could tell nd to avoid further conversation walked off for her morning prayersLOL nd almost dozzed off thereSleepy nd was suddenly woken up by a deep push within her… Clap

She got up with eyes wide openWink nd felt indeed d time has come nd there is no ignoring factsSmile… Coming out half panting her mom “mummji” stared back at her at her own daughtrer’s startled lookWink… Beta is evreything fineOuch ? Mohinder told me u were unable to sleep all nightSleepy.. Wat was troubling u so much, rano cut her mother’s sentecne half nd finsihed no child can trouble her mom Clap*tat was wat d love rano had for her unborn child whom she had carried for 8 months now nd she knew tat this was not the time for d baby to finally be waraaped in her arms but felt may be her baby too was excited liek her to see nd feel her mom very very soonDay Dreaming… of all days she chose to give her mom a labour on Feb 29 a perfect monday morning Embarrassed? Lost in thoughts wen again breeched by the train of thoughts nannu had come out nd Rano jus could not resist d pain any longer she blantly told mummiji i think am having labour pain… LOL

That was more than enough for d Rathore family to go bonkers ROFL: d whole house swept like an alarmROFL… calls to hospital with bells rignhing around ppl kept flooding to see d going to be mom nd all relatives popping in nd out to see d ladySilly! a princess who was gng to deliver a new prince or princess Thumbs Up– all were overwhelmed! so was Rano Handa…Hug Mohinder Handa had called up his family to tell d latest developments of case wen d Rathore family was dng the last min prep to escort their daughter to a maternty hospital 🙂Hug

Rano’s eyes were fixed to d door she didnt want to go alone : not without Beena… Cry

Beena just barged into d room with tears in her eyes nd thousand qns on her lipsAngry… Rano hugged her tight with a weak smileOuch : Rano could never zplain her pain to anyone she was brought up like tat with full form of patience nd tolearnceCrynd only Beena her frnd sister her evrything could feel her unspokenSleepy… Beena Singh Khurana d only human who could be a soul mate a twin sister a lifeline for Rano Handa…Wink

Precap : HOSPITAL LOVE! Heart

4 thoughts on “PART 1 – LVE –

  1. Superbbb update…
    Loved the way u hv expressed Rano’s feelings abt her baby…
    So Geet is gonna born soon….

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