PART 3 – LVE –

Kunal rushed to meet Mohinder. Stood unable to utter the good news, finally let it out” damadh mubarak hoThumbs Up” it was hard to register Mohinder ran tears along him nd hugged Kunal rhyming Beti mubarak hoHug.. It was the most precious moment of his life, he crawled past to ICU to see d little princess nd stayed there in waiting hall for nxt 6 hrs waiting to hold on his princessROFL.. Nanno had come up to bless d BABY’ Beena  Rano had chaated d whole evening Beena describing abt d little princess to d most awaited Mother.Broken Heart


Finally d golden moment had come Mohinder  carried over d BABY to hand it over to Nanno nd Rano’s hands who sat beside her nd touched his daughter’s forehead with unspoken loveBroken Heart– he was overwhelmed to see his daughter give life to d most beautiful soul tat lay in his armsCry.. Nanno touched d BABY’s cheeksCool. Bend over to her ears’s nd delivered  a prayer to her soulHug nd ended telling from today onwards u will be known as GEET’. GEET HANDAEmbarrassed‘. Rano was all d while teary eyed seeing her Geet’.Her Music of lifeWacko‘Her soul who had been a part of her for previous 8 monhts now lay on her laps with d magnificent looks of a true RAJPUT!!Thumbs Up



Rano had to saty over for a couple of days at d Maternity home..nd Beena used to visit her during Day time nd always made a point to put Maan to sleep before rushing to d hospitalBroken Heart.. Maan was physically weak with frequent outbreaks of Fever so Beena didn’t want him to visit d hospital..ROFL



Rano was finally discharged home .. Rano was never tired off taking care of GeetROFL.. Geet was very smart nd never bothered her mommy unlike other new bornsWacko‘ Geet never stayed late night t o cry or wail but used to always stare at her colourful cradles,Partyalways fascinated by bright colours Heartaround and silent went darkness creptOuch.. She never used to cry.. She used to flaunt her big smile even while asleep nd always stare at ppl wen they came over to talk to her!!Wacko


Maan never missed out a single chance to be to Rathore’s HomeWacko!! Barely 1 year toddling nd walkingROFL.. Maan used to stand long hours at d doorstep of Rano’s room never crept inside to avoid d commotion at her room..Rano’s room was always filled with family nd friends who poured into chit chat nd glimpse taking of Geet’. Nanno had spoken with Daadima (Mohinder’s Mother) to let Rano stay with them for couple of months for which she had willfully obliged!Cool


PRECAP : 2 months..




Maan SERIOULSY ill’Angry

4 thoughts on “PART 3 – LVE –

  1. AWWW!!It was so cute baby baby Love 😉
    1yr old Maan and New born Geet…So cute…
    Eager to know how Maan will react to see baby Geet 😀 <3Thanks..

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