PART 4 – LVE –

Maan was never so like this beforeWink.. He played with his sets of toys to break it up in just 5 min & wail at top stretching his vocal cords just to burst out his mother’s eardrumsAngry.. Maan had never learnt to be silentDead. The youngest in his family at a pre term kid was always pampered to d power of inifinity Angry. He had wanted all tat he asked for nd had never learnt no for an answerLOL. He was s shor making types nd stuck to his mom like Fevicol 😛 never let her in peaceOuch… Followed her like his shadowCry! But things change nd since d time Rano had been back home with BABY GEETWink… Beena just could not resist staying there all time loving nd taking care of Geet . Maan never cribbed ususally would have protested see his mother’s love divided over him but inthis situations he choose to stay calm nd just be a silent specator to all things revolving around Geet…Wink

Maan never went  near herOuch, He used to watch her from as far as possible… *god knows Y* Maan who generally used to be so engrossed with his sports cars… Had completely given it up after Geet had come home.. He never found time to keep his eyes away from her for other activites!!! He used to walk to Rathore’s Mansion along with Beena daily nd wen Beena nd Rano had their non stop chtater he used to resume his profession of CONstant gazing!! Angry

It was during one such gazing did he notice her turn over her selfWink 😛 Her first Venrtal movement nd wen d mothers were busy chatting he captured d moment in his moms MobCry!!! * Maan had collection of Geet’s snap – *all long shots :P* He loved poking his Mobile around tat kept clicking every now nd then!!!Embarrassed!  The flash had just focussed on her tiny Retina nd before her eyes could percieve d rays of light a vibrant smile parched through her lips!! *Beauty Personified* Wink

Geet later learnt to focus on moving obljects her analytical brains slowly on d verge of development! ClapShe used to smile at flying objects nd moving toy trainsEmbarrassed!! Maan noticed tat nd used to revolve around her cot or craddle making her turn her head nd smile all overWink!!! Maan loved running all through d garden wen she was brought out during sun bath at morningSleepy … nd use d to run about d main hallway wen she was put on her Pram for evening walksSleepy. All these smiling sessions had left her giggling nd smiling trying to fanatasixe moving objetcsOuch.. nd he totall y startled by her sweet smileee!!! Ouch

Geet had been to hospital 1 month later for routine vaccinations nd it was pulse polio day too … Geet came back home with full flushed cheeks soaring with pain due to all d numerous vaccinations tat had pireced her gentle skinCry..Tired nd shattered she had slept over BeenaOuch… Rano too was unwell with fever so Geet’s responsibity laid on BeenaAngry… Beena had told Kunal to take Maan for his OPV but Maan refusedDead… He just blantly told to Beena i’ll get tis done only if Geet too gets it doneShocked.. Beena tred xplainging to Maan abt d other medications Geet had been given too but talking ot Maan was pure waste of time *anything crept into his brains even God cant change nd Maan missed his OPV(Oral Polio Virus) of tat phase counselling… Confused

It was a week later wen Maan was severly Ill nd down with fever nd Barely able to stand..Cry Khurana’s were hell worried seeing Maan laying lifeless …Dead

Maan had been to d hospital nd after a serious of Tests he was flown to CMC, Ludhiana – Diagnosed with PolioShocked, a crippling disease that would leave him life long handicapped… Shocked

4 thoughts on “PART 4 – LVE –

  1. Love baby maaneet baby bonding shooo cute :).But in the end made me sad..Maan diagnosed with Polio..Ohh hw culd they neglect such a vital vaccination

  2. Oye hoyeeeee…Baby Maan all time niharofying his baby Mishty his Geet…
    Loved it..
    Oh god…Maan diagnosed with polio…

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