PART 5 – LVE –

Beena was highly upset with this diagnosisCry.. Least did she expect Maan would end up in such a situation.. She felt so cursed in lifeOuch, a broken mother who had never d ability to ponder love over her kidsAngry.. she still remembered d mistakes of her life nd regretted being her. It was 4 yrs back wen she was expecting a kid.. Was damn happy wen Dr had told she’ll be delivering twinssCry. She was on cloud nine… later during her course of pregnancy some complications had arised nd d Dr had told her tat oly 1 fetus grew nd d other lay dead or dormant.Dead.. Beena was dead with this news.. She was carrying 2 kids one alive nd other dead beacuse her system could not cater to 2 fetusDead.. Nature had chosen one over d other nd she delivered a BABY… a BABY BOY… She was crying wen she delivered nd hated d baby to d power of inifinity.. she had delivered a boy nd nature had killed her girl to save d baby boy…Angry

Beena always fanataside over GirlsWink… She loved Girls nd wen she had delivered this boy she only could do was hate himCry… She never touched d baby nd carried him once daily to feedAngry… never looked at him even wen d baby used to cryAngry.. she just behaved tat d little baby never existed for herCry… It was almost 6 mnths after d delivery tat maan’s dadima had finally chosen to spk to her abt d injustice of her to avoid a new born baby nd punish him for no reasonOuch… She had explained to her abt motherhood nd mothership nd tought her d mother’s touch in a gentle polite way d day wen Beena Realised how wrong she was nd d biggest sin of her lifwe which kept her son devoid of mother’s touch nd love for d 1st 6 months of his lifeSleepy… Beena had vowed tat she’ll compensate for it by unconditional live for him & her guilt grew too large tat only thing she would do is admire d little prince nd shower every little joy she hadClap… She vowed never to harm him nd never to say no to his wishesWink.. her cute baby she fell in love with DEV… DEV SINGH KHURANA her tiny charming prince 😛Wink

It was 3 yrs later wen DEV started his schooling nd Beena had delivered a baby GIRL!!!EmbarrassedAnni… ANWESHA SINGH KHURANAEmbarrassed… Her tiny princess.. Beena who was so excited abt d baby had hardly any time to be with her baby wen she had developed post birth complicationsLOL.. nd within weeks it was found tat she was pregnant againWink.. Inspite of her weakness she choose to carry on with her pregnancy she never wanted to terminate this kid her guilt would kill herConfused.. After d loss of a baby nd a never showering love for kid she could not carry more weight in her hearts…Cry

Maan was delivered at 7 month a pre term baby nd required constatnt vigilanceWink… D pregnancy tenure had been filled with complications tat Beena never took care of AnniCry.. She had handed over Anni to Rano to look afterEmbarrassed.. Rano brought up Anni with full love care nd affection tat any mother could give… Wink

Even after Maan’s birth due to his weakness Beena had been completely involved with him ndnever found time for AnniConfused… Once Rano was married off nd Anni was left with hardly any care.Cry.. Now again fate had turned sour for BeenaCry… She cried all nights praying for Maan to see him Run like before around Geet nd grow up like a normal child…Cry

After series of tests nd medications finnaly 2 weeks later Maan was dischargedOuch… Maan was still not back to normalCry.. D Dr had advised complete rest for 1 full yrAngry… D baby was not allowed to walk or stand or sit  downDead… he had advised tat Maan should not use his legs or rest his legs in a posture tat would put his body’s weight over itCry… Beena had decided to walk back to Rathore Mansion to stay with Mummyjii who she held on as her mother nd this crucial period she wanted to stay with Mummyjii for moral supportSmile.. Khurana’s had shifted to Rathore Mansion… Kunal did weekly visits to them… Dev had started his schoolingConfused.. A silent shy guy who hardly spoke well focussed nd hard working a perfect son as per Beena… Anni had been jollying around house day nd nihgt nd enjoyed d new house..Confused. Maan was under constatnt care by Beena nd mummijii.. Never let him stand sit or walk… Always carried him nd made him at comfort.Ouch.. Maan kept cribbing with all his babyish attitude he hated this entire thing but was helpnessSleepy… Nano too loved baby Maan nd sat beside him nd tell stories at night nd took him for gardening at evening…Shocked

Geet wen she was almost 2 mnths hold had been taken back to Handa Haveli at Jalandher..Angry. Rano missed her home but Dadimaa always took gr8 care of Rano nd Baby Geet…Embarrassed Mohinder used to always stay at Delhi for his business work nd Rano had single handedly taken charge of Geet… Wink

*So this is d foundation for d story line- from d first 5 parts u can make out d character sketch of d pl who will appear in this story* List :

Geet Handa – Mohinder Handa & Rano Handa ( Born Rathore) Embarrassed
Maan Singh Khurana – Kunal Singh Khurana & Beena Singh Khurana ( Born Rathore) Embarrassed

Rano nd Beena were neighbours nd from Royal Family of Rathore in Hoshiyarpur…Wink

Mohinder Handa was from Jalandher – Prince of Jalandher…Smile

Kunal Singh Khurana was d crowned prince of Hoshiyarpur…Smile

Nano &&  Mummyijii were parents of Rano…LOL

Kunal Singh Khurana stayed with his parents at Khurana Mansion at Hoshiyarpur…LOL

Mohinder Handa stayed with his mom at Jalandher.. his father passed away even before his marriage…Dead

Beena & Kunal had  3 kids – DEV ANWESHA nd MAAN…Embarrassed

Rano & Mohinder had only GEET…Embarrassed

Other small family caharacters will spring up in story as nd wen required!!!ROFL

 but to keep u all aware Rano had 2 sisters nd a brother… Ouch
Beena had 2 sisters.. Ouch

Tats it for now!!! Wink

4 thoughts on “PART 5 – LVE –

  1. l’il Maan…
    Oh god he is a premature baby..
    & now this polio…
    But definitely this MSK here we r talking abt…
    & he is always a fighter & born winner…
    Hope he gets fine soon…

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