PART 6 – LVE –

Geet was s apple of Rano’s EYES! Rano took intense care of herLOL.. Geet used to visit d Rathore Mansion once a month & Baby Maan used to eagerly wait for her returnSmile.. He used to sit by d main gate along with Nano nd kept all his toys packed togetherShocked.. Maan had almost stopped playing with his set of toys- cos he knew he;’ll end up breaking it… He never used anything till he had’nt showed it to Geet…Wink

Everytime wen baby Geet used to come he used to start his usual staring session but as time passed he got into other activites too,Wink He would always be tooo excited but she always had come home asleep.Angry. Heart broken & Sad look over his face & tears crept all over him & Nano used to take him to Rano’s room both waiting for Geet to get up.Broken Heart. Once she was up he used to sit beside her nd show her his set of new toysWink.. All his toy cars trains & soft toys.. Maan had started to demand Kunal to get him Barbie dolls too ROFLnd used to give 1 barbie dool to Rano every time They came overClap.. Rano had kept it all safely d never gave it to Geet..*she was too small to handle * Day Dreaming

Maan then used to start playing nd within hours all his toys eneded up brokenEmbarrassed.. Geet used to look at him with awe a t d beautiful toys nd his handling of themSleepy.. Once d toys failed to function he was left with nothing to amuse herLOL… He would then resort to his talking sessionEmbarrassed.. With half blabbers his smart voice nd d half learnt fairy tales which nano had taught him Maan used to start d legacy to GeetDay Dreaming.. He never left her alone.. Would sit by her wen Rano kept feeding her Cerelac 😛Cool Nd haan wipe her cheeks wen she messed up herself which she used to do ost of d timesROFL… Lick her half left Cerelac… Blushing

Maan had always on road to war with Anni wen ever Geet was around-Angry it would always be i would baby sit GeetOuch!! Maan always wanted to sit beside her but Anni too demanded d same thingWink.. anni loved Geet nd barely 3 yrs old..she still would carry Geet all over Rathore Masnion irking Maan’s JealousyWink!! Maan was’nt allowed to walk leave carrying Geet & he used to sit helplessly watch Anni Cary Geet nd run away from himAngry His anger would always be high with Anni around but all he could do was nothing but yell to Beena who would come over to help him…Wink

Geet was always chirpy nd laughing to all his pranksEmbarrassed.. All her sessions were filled with Eating nd messing around Maan wiping nd drooling over herEmbarrassed… Anni Maan fight over GeetEmbarrassed… Geet’s timely vaccinations nd d endless fever foloowingLOL.. Maan ice cubing GeetBlushing!! He never left a chance to play Ice sparkle on her wen she was down with feverAngry… Rano used to carry nd give her cold ice wipes nd Maan mischievously used to pour out ice cubes over herEmbarrassed, D chillness made her shreik nd get up from sleep nd he used to enjoy tat only ended with Beena’s endless shouting! Angry As Geet used to land up with fever even more after Maan’s ice cubing sessionss!!! Cry

Afternnoon naps wen Maan curled around to sleep beside her nd d endless bath sessions togetherLOL!!Maan loved playing with water nd helped Rano bathe him nd Geet!!! EmbarrassedEvening Nano used to carry Maan to watering d Garden’s as usual nd Geet laid over her PramWink & Maan used to pluck Roses nd lay it beside her pillow Wink🙂 He used to feed her chewed in biscuitsBlushing since she didnt have teeth nd made her sip water from his superman water botttleD'oh… He once noted white Tooth like gums over her opened mouth nd wen worriedly discussed with Mummijii who ezplained him abt teething process he went to his home with Kunal nd searched his attic to get his own teether nd pushed into her mouth nd silenting over her ears”u’ll teeth from my teether- get ur teeth soon i want to hear u talkD'oh ) Geet indeed spoke few words which hardly made sense apart fromm baaa nd aaa she hardly had any sounds to produce…LOL

It was after his teething scheduldes tat once he with hos fairy tales story was making her talk to him wen she finally told Maaa :* CryHe jumped with joy calling Rano tat Geet was speaking to himOuch..Geet had told her first word MaaaShocked… Rano didnt want to disappint him nd told haan Maan Baby Geet called u firstEmbarrassed… Maan was on cloud nine tat day…  Embarrassed

& from then started d speech therapy clases by MAAN SINH KHURANA!!!! Angry

6 thoughts on “PART 6 – LVE –

  1. AWW!! Maan used to lick left over Geet’s cerelec ,Our Baby Maan puppy love 😉 haayyeee soooo cute ,and drool bachpan se hi awwww!!
    1st word Maaa !!….Maan nw speech therapist ❤

  2. Awww…Maan is too cute…
    Always trying to spend every moment with Geet…
    Geet’s every first movement is witnessed by Maan…
    Hhaayyyee…Maan gave Geet his teether so tht she develops teeth early & she can talk to him…

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