PART 7 – LVE –

It was one such Geet Feeding sessionWink!! Rano fed her with Maan wiping d semisolid found around her lipsEmbarrassed!!! Beena came over was guiding Dev through his homewrokAngry… Beena took over Geet on her lap nd started her talking OH my BABY Grow up soonLOL… I cant wait to take u to my home my sweet DILEmbarrassed(DAUGHTER IN LAW) gazing at Dev.Ouch.. Geet did a phur over her Face Ouchnd Maan Rose to wipe his Mother’s cheeksTongue nd giving a staring look at Geet : Dnt u dare harm my MommyAngry… Geet once again PhurrrWink… Maan stared nd then took her cerelac nd applied all over face like face pack Embarrassednd Anni jumped from nowere nd pulled Geet nd started running towards d GardenWink… Realization struck againCry… Maan could’nt run behibd to sit beside GeetAngry, & Teas rolled down his cheek half of guilt of making her dirtyAngry nd half of d fact tat he was’nt able to be beside her all d timeCry… as d Kids were engrossed in playing nd crying Beena once again looked at Rano waiting for her answerCry… Rano shook her head & smiled back a weak smileLOL… Dev & Geet were d future pair in Beena’s thoughtsAngry… but Rano was worried she could never decide on such things this smile of hers was not an eternal promise but years later she knew tat wat if her Baby resented to this settlement which her mother had doneAngry… Well Rano just scoffed off d thought tat as years rolled by things will take different shape!DeadHoping all will end well but little did she knew tat wat a storm stay at her Daughter’s life 20 years from now!! Wink

It was Geet’s 9 mnth running wen she was down with sever fever diagnosed with Measles nd she’d been home were Maan contracted infection from herEmbarrassed!! Both were kept in isolation to prevent cross infection to other kids at houseLOL nd it was during this royal period wen Maan started with his Sppech therapy for baby Geet!Embarrassed! It was after 3 mnths tat she’d been home nd only he knew how much tat seperation was painful nd d day she arrived he statrted to dread d departureCry.. Maan had been matured now to d extent dat he used to never show his presence wen ever Rano nd family left Rathore MansionCry.. He used to cuddle up & sleep in Nano’s BEd crying all overEmbarrassed … Now tat fate had put them back together for 14 dys in Isolation it was more than wat he could have ever expected…Cry

Geet used to always do her Phurrr during Eating wen she found d food tastelessEmbarrassed… Maan used to taste it after her nd lick her spoon showing all kinds of superb expressions from his small little fingers & open his mouth wide open signalling Geet to do d same nd feed her thenWink… Geet never did any phurr to himHug… She used to obey himEmbarrassed!! Wenever he fed her half d spoon he’ll eat tasting nd then signalling her to eat nextWink! Aprat from her Maaa word… she learnt to say PaaaSmile… Aaa for dadimaTongue… Na fo NanoooLOL… Me for mumijiii LOL& E for AniieeLOL.. & Hardly responded to DEv as he hade little interest to spend time with her so she never bothered to reciprocate to himOuch!!! for Maaan it was d ever famous Maaa with a big smile expecting him to come over with toy trains nd teddy bearsROFL… Maan wanted to talk to her nd started training her with the very little vocabulary tat he possessed… Wink

He tought her to talk first showing gestures nd guiding her lips nd tongueWink.. He never knew how sounds were produced but had only observed tat Geet’s tongue rolled we she spoke so he thought may be rolling tongue to differnt angulations will make sounds nd that is wen he used to put fingers in her mouth twisting her tongue ndteaching her how to yellAngry!! because she never YelledCry…she was always soft in her babyish talks!ROFL!! once he tought her to yell tat was d only thing she used to doROFL… Yell at maan nd phurr at othersROFL… later he thought her small words by showing her directions how his lips moved keeping a mirror in front of themEmbarrassed… but as he always took out d mirror he would be lost looking at her reflectionWink & Geet was dumbfoldedAngry wen she saw d mirror not because she saw some pictures but because she saw him thereAngry.. she used to stare at him & then  his reflectionsWink.. pull out her hands to touch him nd then d mirror smile at him nd stare at mirrorEmbarrassed she got sacred finally seeing 2 maanLOL.. This reflection of maan was dng everything Her Maan was dng tat finally wen she didnt undersatnd it she pulled it from him nd threw it in disgust.LOL.. Maan started crying as one of d glass pieces had struck him nd an instantaneous response Geet started YellingLOL… The Rathore Mothers came running over to d room to see d commotion nd burst out laughing looking at how foolishly their kids kept playing!! Embarrassed

Beena had cleared up Maan’s wounds nd Maan was so angry with Geet tfollowing this incident tat he stopped talking to herLOL… 1 week passed still both at same room all d time but maan behaved as no one existed in tat roomAngry… Geet used to give long stare at him all day longCry… Trying to make him look at her crawl down from bed she once fell down from bed too but never cried since she knew tat Maan will bluntly ignore herCry nd it was later tat Beena had found a big lump over her forehead did she realise tat Geet must have tipped overOuch… Geet started to phurr all during her eating sessions nd learnt to sprinkle water while sipping from her sipper she used to sprinkle water like mountatin over Maan but he just never turned backOuch… Poor baby geet didnt know wat to do to make him talk back to herOuch… Used to try all day long all d mischief tat she knew but nothing worked on him Wink& tired would retire back to her sleepCry.. Once she slept Maan would roll over d other sideEmbarrassed nd kiss her on her lump(forehead) Winknd stroke her cheeksEmbarrassed pull over d tiny blanket over both of them nd sleep! Wink


Walking Geet ended with collision with Maan…URf FRACTURE!!!!! Shocked

BIRTHDAY coming up!!!!! CAKES nd BAKES!!!! Angry

4 thoughts on “PART 7 – LVE –

  1. Geets phurrrrr!!! Maans lovingly feeding ..its so cute and the mirror part was just awww!!! Nw Maan bhao khaying and poor Geet manofying but 😦 he realizes Geets bump n kisses her so sweettt..Till now its a very sweet sweet story lets see how it turns out to be when they grow up 😉

  2. Hhhaaayyyeee….Maan teaching Geet how to talk…
    Oye hoyeeeee….Maaneet niharofying each other thru the mirror…tht was sssoooo dreamy…
    Aghhhh…yeh Beena ko kya ho gaya hai…how can she think abt marrying Geet to Dev???
    Thank god..Dev doesn’t hv any interest in Geet..
    Ufff…our angry baby Maan..Geet trying to manaofy him…too cccuuttteee…
    I am just loving this baby Maaneet love story..

    • yep d speech therapist 😛

      niharofyinggg in such a baby age … aage jakar kya hoga….

      Beena thinks that way cos dev is more matured nresponsible n bla bla…..

      haan dev has no interst unlike our latttooo maan!!!!

      angry baby maan tta was superb 😛

      thankss ma happy u loving this baby maaneet 😛

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