PART 8 – LVE –

A week passed uneventfully by the untiring efforts of Geet all going down drain with baby Maan harldy affected by anyOuch.. D time of departure had finally arrivedCry.. As usual maan was not there in d scene & buried to tearsAngry ..His long awaited holidays with Geet had finally ended nd tat too with a sad note neither could he shun down his anger nor forgive her for the mirrorDead..Maan usually never bothered abt his broken toys by Geet had it been anyone else tat would have marked d end of d person LOLbut Geet nd her actions had always been overruled by Maan Winkbut this mirror incident he’d taken too harshAngry He jus could’nt see her face break into so many pieces in d front laid broken mirrorOuch‘ in fact it was dat broken sight which had turned him off completely Crynot tat reason of a broken misrrorCry..Little did Geet realize tat her Maan had always chosen himself to portray her reflections as a mirrorWink & she d selfish kind would end up destroying everything Dead& shattering to pieces only to be left hurt by MaanAngry who would be unable to see her shatteredAngry.. Neither of them knew d future tat had been writtenOuch, fate which had chosen ways to unite them LOLonly to shatter them to piecesDead nd let each other suffer with broken piecesAngry‘.



Maan Had been to CMC for his usual check up’nd had been hospitalized for a week this time for his routine tests, but d doctor had chosen to perform extra tests so they had stayed back at hospitalOuch.. After a array of tests nd reports it was finally an exhubirabt news tat revealed Maan was completely goinh to lead a normal life deprived of a fearful impeding handicapEmbarrassed.. Khurana’s & Rathore’s were joyous nd celebrating to this news but it was only Maan who knew how much he had suffered d past few months of his life leading a handicapped lifeCry.. nothing bothered to him other than tat of being Helpless for His GeetCry, Every other disability he never cared or bothered because there were ppl at home to take charge of all but it was his Geet tat he could not refrain himself from at such tough timesAngry.. Maan too was glad tat he’s be finally gng back home all fully wellEmbarrassed..He was so excited he wanted to run around Nano’s garden Wink& run around carrying GeetWink‘ He wanted to please her in all the ways tat had been deprived of him for d past few months..Cry



All his dreams shattered since Geet was not gng to comeAngry..It was Mohinder’s official trip’s tat got mountainous tat he never landed to Jalandher nor HoshiyarpurAngry‘ Rano had to single handedly manage GeetConfused..Geet was d apple of her eye nd her dadima both of them had pampered her to d coreEmbarrassed‘Never let her cry nd offer her things even before she askedSleepy‘Rano had cancelled her home trip nd stayed back at Jalander with DadimaOuch‘Meanwhile Mohinder had discussed with Rano to shift d Family base to DelhiEmbarrassed, since he didn t want to deprive his baby nd d mother of his baby d love tat they deserved.Cry



It was finally after 3 mnths Geet was visiting d Rathore Mansion & Mohinder had planned tat after his world tour 6 mnths later the’ll shift to DelhiEmbarrassed‘ Rano was very happy to be back home LOL& d occasion was Family coronationWink‘ ‘. IT was during mid feb nd Rathore;s every year had made it their custom to visit their farmhouse at mid feb nd perform d coronation as a mark of d Royal tradition tat had been carried down over yearsClap‘ Beena too had come home for this occasion d first time after Geet’s Birth & was excited to carry Baby Geet to their Farm house d first timeEmbarrassed‘ Lot of childhood memories had been tied to this place nd she wanted her Rano’s Baby to relive this tooEmbarrassed‘ D occasion added to d celebration of Baby MaanEmbarrassed‘. A young adultWink.. Maan’s 2nd birthday on Feb 15 😛Embarrassed




4 thoughts on “PART 8 – LVE –

  1. Awwww…Maan was angry on Geet bco he cldn’t see Geet breaking though it was just her image..
    Maan was also sad tht he was helpless for his Geet,bcoz he clnd’t carry her..
    That was cho cho cchhooo ccuutteee..
    Thank God Maan is completely cured now..

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