PART 9 – LVE –

Geet Had finnaly been back to RM (Rathore Mansion) nd d occasion was d CoronationEmbarrassed…D whole house was at full swing to welcome d baby boy of d houseWink… Rano was excited too… nd beena was never to leave RM nd had in short permanently settled here itself thanks to Maan Singh Khurana nd his tantrums!! Wink

FEB 15 Early Morning… Handa’s had started their Drive to the Rathore FarmhouseAngry!! Maan had jottled to sit by Geet during d drive nd Beena gave in to his wishes as usual.Ouch.. Mohinder was  hating this Intrusion of his Personal moments with his famliy but Rano was super duper happy to have a long chit chat with Beena all through d journeyLOL!! Mohinder would give her all looks through his Rear view! nd Rano would smile helplessly!!!Embarrassed

Anni nd Dev had accompanied Kunal along with Nano nd mummiji & Anni was through out restlessAngry!! She had been uesd to this neglected life ever since d news of Maans Deliver had ben crept into d houseAngry.. Dev behaved mature to his age nd never let any diffeernces bother him but baby anni was not liking d attention Maan kept getting wen she was left to rot tat is how she felt poor baby never understood tat Maan needed care nd support more than normal babiesCry. this childhood differences wen not shed mountains up into adulthood which if left untreated can take a fatal turn!! Wink

d cars finnaly arrived at Farmhose!! Embarrassed

Beena Rano their small family were soon joined by gouri nd her family followed by aanchal nd CoLOL… Gouri was Rano elder sister married to pratham mittalWink 😛 nd aanchal too was married to premLOL… d three sisters had met after a long time nd were deeply overwhelmed to see baby geet!!! gouri stayed at mumbai nd aanchal at Hyd 😛Embarrassed Beena Rano Gouri Aanschal had completely lost themselves over one another nd the entire Baccha Party too had fun unlimted!!! Embarrassed

Preparation for formal corontation were being carried out nd Kids were having therir galla time bullying Baby geetAngry!! she was d youngest of all toddlersEmbarrassed!! struggling to Run along with them nd would chirp her beautiful voiceWink!! Maan would alweays walk by her side lest she fall over d stoned flooring! Angry

Kids were also decorating one farther Room for Maan’s Bday party… amisdt all this d breeze shriekes a wailing noice the kids screamed nd lept over none able to fathom d o origins of d streange soundConfused… mummiji ran outside to welcomeLOL !! no so did nano!!  D sisters along with beena also went by…Wink

there at a far off Distance from the garden landed a private JeTClap!! nd a full grown adult guy with white shirt nd black denim got down nd marched forwards to d main gateShocked… mummiji had tears rolling down nd hugged him wen he came off near!! Embarrassed

Kids too ran out side d room bursting d ballons on their way to see d origin of d soundEmbarrassed! Geet had started cryingCry..Maan came by her nd wiped her tearsWink…Geet nothing big…its just a toy cracker!Shocked u know my tricks na…i kept it out to scare these kids off for bullying uLOL!!! Geet started to smile nd maan ke jaan mein jaan aayaEmbarrassed!!! Urf yeh jhootTongue…Wen did baby Maan learn telling lies to pacify his Baby Geet ???ROFL


plzz dnt killl me for having d same precap…but kya karon wen i start writing update mein totally lost ho jati houn story mein tat am not able to move it further!!! 

4 thoughts on “PART 9 – LVE –

  1. Cute Geet n her phurrrrrs to others but never for Maan ❤ ..nw I can guess as Maan is suffering from polio n we know no1 recovers from this illness so may be he'll sacrifice his love ..anyway lets see

  2. Oh god Annie is jealous of Maan as he gets all attention..hope Annie ki jealousy aage jaake Maaneet ke liye harmful na ho..
    Hhhaayyyeee…loved the way Maan lied just to stop his Geet frm crying…

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