PART 10 – LVE –

Maan & Geet Too ran out following d other kids only to see mummiji to give a warm welcome to Brij’. Brij Rathore d only brother of Rathore SistersLOL‘ A man of great caliber & personality , d heartthrob of all bachelors, The perfect son & brother & a humble human being’Wink



After a formal welcome all d elders went inside.. Brij crept beside rano gave her a side hug carrying Geet nd kissed her on her cheeksEmbarrassed‘ how is ma sherniCry‘ Maan was walking beside Brij all d time.Ouch. Rano replied Sherni is fit nd fine specially after d birth of baby sherniWink!!! Maan could hardly rehearse d word Sherni but he could only make out SheraROFL‘ He kept calling Rano Shera Mom from then nd his Baby Geet would always be addressed to as EetOuch‘. Maan had tough time with palatal consonantsLOL!! Baby language hardly fully developed!!!Wink




Once after d intital Cchit Cchat’ Everyone ,moved into for d Birthday celebssLOL!!! Maan was super excited nd carried Geet only yto topple nd fall jus in front of d table laid with cakeAngry‘ somehow Brij dived in time to prevent a collapse over d cakesCry!!! Little did he realize dat he would be d only soul who would play d role of d sanity thread to tie nd protect them wen ever fate tests them in harsh waysLOL.. Maan & Geet were indeed blessed to have d entire lot to circle them nd shower them with love but who knew tat this very love would take a 360 turn to hateOuch‘ Fate nd its ways r unkowon to ppl nd acceptance of fate is what time will teach this two kids’Ouch



Maan went over nd stood wen all d kids started singing out Bday song for him’Brij played piano nd was in full too rejoicing moodWink‘ Beena helped over Maan to cut d Cake’ Maan cut his first piece into 2 halvesWink‘. He took d first piece for himself smudging himself nd then smashed d second half over Geet’s lipsEmbarrassed‘ Geet unexpected over Maan’s behaviour puked out d cake over his Face she was expecting her to be Fed firstLOL‘ Cos usually it would be such a scenario at home wen ever Rano sat for feeding d kids she would always start with Geet nd once done with will move over to other kidsEmbarrassed‘ so would Rano’But Maan ignoring Geet was something that she despised completelyAngry‘ Rano carried Geet out to clean herself wen other kids kept njoying d party!! Little did d two kids realize tat this is was fate had written for them’a clash of Ego disturbing d other leaving them high at note to walk outOuch..such situations marked hallmark for their relationshipAngry..some relations have no nameAngry





Benaam rishthe haiCry‘kuch tho hai tere mere Darmiyaan’.Wink

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