PART 11 – LVE –

All d kids continued with d party’Maan was unmoved with d incident since he never realsied d turn of eventsAngry. He had taken the incident for a joke nd kept on partying with other cousins of GeetLOL‘ Sonal ‘. Aamir’. Aditya’. Swetha’ Payal were d other cousins of Geet Handa’ Her maternal cousins’. All who had a jolly time rolling out with Maan’ Embarrassed



Aamir was d eldest nd was from High schoolOuch‘ A cool guy never short of humour nd fun lovingAngry‘ Welll mannered nd disciplined added with extreme presence of mindWink..Shared his IQ rate with Geniuses callibre & was a perfect Charmer’.Embarrassed



Aditya was d second best cousin to Aamir a shy timid nd silent soft spoken nd well behavedOuch‘ Tantrum king at birth had finally evolved to a mature school kidCry‘ aamir nd Aditya were like twins though they were maternal cousins shraed d deepest secret sorrows joys of their lives togetherShocked



Sonal & Swetha were Aditya’s sistersWink‘ Sonal excelled in handicraft a born Fashion Engineer nd a excellent achiever at all she touched with a girl with Midas touch who would turn all bad luck to good lucks with her undivided hard work nd capabilities which never failed her LOL& Swetha d youngest was d dream girl of her house.Embarrassed. Would spend hours in front of her CanvasWink , a born Michelangelo who would spend hours awake painting ‘ Very lazy to study but had Art instilled in her Blood’Embarrassed



Payal was Aamir’s SisterLOL.. Another of a reserved kind’ she hand Aamir never got along.. Was matured for her age nd never indulged in anything disgracefulEmbarrassed.. an ideal role model’ D eldest of grandchildren at Rathore house She kept to her name’Clap



This was d family of Rathore inclusive of Brij who is yet to be married!!Embarrassed



Beena was d eldest of her siblingsEmbarrassed‘she had 2 sisters’ Dhani & Falak’ Both spinsters’ Were doing their Masters from HarvardOuch‘ Seniors to Brij’ Had been born nd bought up in London , Beena had stayed with her parents at Hoshiyarpur during her childhhod but they stayed at London with their Grandparents!Angry




Kunal Singh Khurana was d single Heir of their family nd had no siblings to ponder over!Dead



Mohinder Handa had a brother Mayank & sister MeenaAngry‘. All elder to him’ Though he was d youngest in his familyOuch..His siblings after d Death of Grandpa Handa looked upon him as DadShocked‘ dadimaa too never failed to love him short for his unique excellency!!!Wink



Rathore’s ran d Family construction business’ Brij was back from London to take over as CEO of Rathore Construction’Wink




Khurana’s too were d arch rival Construction enterprise to Rathore’s’ nd Kunal was d MD & CEO of Khurana Construction!Embarrassed



Handa’s Ran d Hotel Business managed In toto by Mohinder HandaTongue‘ A man of sincerity nd complete responsibility who had toiled day in nd day out to reach Handa Empire to new heights to wat Grandpa Handa could have never imaginedCry‘ Being Born in midst of all achievers Geet & Maan had been thrown by their Genes to excel in all spheres of lives nd showcased supreme levels of superior complex..Angry



D party ended uneventful by any more incidents’ All kids were tired nd rested to sleep’ Rano carried Geet to Beena and they were chatting their childhood memoriesEmbarrassed‘ Beena and Rano were Confessing their first crush d high skool Rogue nd how he tricked to break their friendship in turn for him LOLnd how they played spoil sport in all this events just to win a bet nd how Beena met Kunal during inter skool Karate competition nd how hatred had been instilled upon their first meetingAngry‘. Only to realize later how much close Khurana’s nd Rathore’s Family were inspite of d family feud at BusinessEmbarrassed‘ How Unwillingly Beena had tied knot with Kunal only to fall in love with d Karate Champ nd how his choicest Genes have been transferred to Baby Maan with his extra ordinary physical skillsWink.. Maan had come running over nd Rano pat him to sleepEmbarrassed‘ Maan shed tears seeing Geet sleeing silently over Beena’ It was then tat he realized tat Geet was totally absent through out d birthday celebrationsCry.. His heart tore for depriving his Baby Geet of d fun filled atmosphereCry‘ It was all his fault little did he knew tat this would be d chain of events in their livesCry‘ hurt d otherCry live in guiltCry but never catch d confidence to go stand and apologiseCry‘ wat always will hold them back Cry??? what will outnumber d hidden loveCry?? Is love worth being ignoredCry?? May be they learn may be they wont’.Cry

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