PART 12 – LVE –

A week had passed Geet’s stay at RM.. Beena occasionaly visited d Mansion along with her kids… Anni would stick to Geet nd Geet loved Anni company LOL.. Anni was compassionate nd kind heartedLOL.. But an ever crying Baby would resort to Cry to fulfil her wishes nd this was something Maan hated her forWink.. Maan nd Anni never went along both had issues unsettled alwyas… Embarrassed

D Family had decided to celb Geet’s Bday on 28 since it woiuld take once in 4 years for her official celebrationsAngry.. Mohinder had been out for work to Singapore… Brij used to cuddle up behihnd Geet nd spend long hours talking nd cooing baby geetCry!! he once mutterd to Rano “she looks like nothing how she appeared on skypEEAngry!! oh God i hate this communications blunders to disorient her beauty while signallingAngry… ” Beena appeared from no were ” Brij u dnt realise d signal transmitters were bound struck at her beauty nd only transmitted half d wavelenght to prevent any catastropheEmbarrassed!!! ” all burst out laughing.. At  d distant a phone rang… Sleepy

Geet jumped out of Brij enclosure nd ran her signature running half topsying around to grab d phone firstEmbarrassed… D house would always be at war as who will pick d call firstCry.. Maan would give in for Geet wenever he’d seen her comingLOL… Geet would snatch it up from Anni had she reached d spot firstWink! so ultimately it would be Baby Geet;s ello wloow over d phone if u had dialled to anyone at Rathore Mansion!!  Embarrassed

Geet sprung to hold d reciever but Maan had sprung from somewere above nd both Collided to d pillar at main hallway Maan stumbled up with balance but Geet losing her cochlear balance fell apart from d 5 stairs rolling over downCry… Eeet kya huaWink… Maan staggered nd stumbled running to held her but she had already started crying overEmbarrassed…Beena ran out nd carried Geet to see her yelling in painAngry. Rano went by to take d call by MohinderAngry… Beena had noticed Geet’s swolen neck…Cry

Geet was rushed to d hospitalShocked… Series of Xray revealed a collar bone fracture nd she was plastered nd sent back home! Ouch

PRECAP : Maan’s Nightmare… Geet Plastered!!! Urf yeh Romance!!Wink

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