PART 13 – LVE –

Geet came back home nd was taken to restConfused.. Maan was dumbfolded when he saw her state… He just could not fathom tht hisBaby Eeet was all plasteres …sshe couldnt move her neck nor bend down nd had her own set of terrible pain nothing which she could share with,… Her usual chirpy mood had been lost somewere nd she would keep crying nd complaining most of d timeCry.. initially wen she had been back home Maan had taken for granted tat it would be a mild injury but it was Dev who had explained to him wat Fracture was nd wat its aftermath would beOuch… Maan had tears rolling over he confided to his house nd never picked up d courage to go RM.. LOL

 Geet would sit by d garden with nano nd would keep expecting him to come daiy for their daily jogs at garden nd d daily round about gamesEmbarrassed.. Annie’s presence sparkled her…but kept on enquring abt Maan… Anni would  have a reason to ignore her or divert to a pleasantful talking as she herself hated Maan for making this to a Hand tied BabyAngry… she never spoke to Maan but wat bothered him was that he was dying in guiltCry.. He just could not see his Baby Geet in so much painWink.. They from d cardle age had this feeling of hurting ownselves in return for the otherWink.. He was ready to indergo any pain for her nd she was ready to shed any joy for himEmbarrassed… Geet waited for a week finally wen he never came up she thought of something…Wink

One day morniig she got up nd complained to Nano tat she wasnted to see Khurana’s GardenLOL… Geet had been to KM but it woould alwyas be d main house nd Beena’s room.. Maan had never allowed er to his roomOuch.. He totally disliked it.. Whenevr Rano nd Geet had been home al kids would play in d main hall nd at times chat out at Beena;s Room or Anni would make Geet comfortable at her roomDead… This used to keep her very enqusitive! She had told nano tat she wanted to play in Khurana’s Garden!! 

Geet got ready nd tip toed to Nano..It was a short Drive to KMWink… Nd nano took her in..Beena hugged Geet nd escorted her to d room wen Anni sprouted out nd pulled away Geet to her roomLOL…Nano left over to spk to Dadimaa d Dado..Beena was busy cooking for d kids… Geet walked past Maan’s room nd knocked… Maa n was lying on his Bed tryoing to gaze at his play stationOuch… HE had broken it this morning nd for past half hour seemed to be busy fixing it upOuch, he completely ignored d knocking.. Finally he had tuned in all d wires nd switched it on only to find tat d sound system was still jammed upAngry irritated he thrwe at aside wen he realised tat there was a silent knock into his roomAngry..He yelled Mom i dnt want anything let me sleep.. Geet smiled..Ouch

 Maaa its me ur Eeet!!!!! Wink

Maan shoot up his eyes..Tears rolling down at d dawn of realizationWink..He kicked his pillow strugled to get out nd came over Eeet kya huaAngry?? y u hereDead… *in between tearsCry* Eeet : Maaa i cam e so tat we can playEmbarrassed.. I miss ULOL… *Maan crying Eeet u go back home i dnt want to see u like thisAngry… Eeet was shatteredDead… How could maan not like to see her Cry?? She felt tornCry… She touched d self lock trying to open but Maan bolted it up immediatelyWink!  

She turned nd walked down to d garden nd sat nst d Tulip potEmbarrassed..She remembered how Maan told it was direct vision from his window he had kept it that way since he loved itEmbarrassed… D color white supreme purityCry..but she never liked it much..She loved Roses…RED ROSES!! Wink

Maan saw her crying nd plucking out d tulipsAngry… HE ran down nd snatched tulip from her hands… Eeet wat r u tring to doAngry… Y did u pluck them offAngry??? its ma favAngry… Geet : yes Maaa.. i know its ur FavLOL… so only am taking it for myselfLOL… Maan looked at her with awwCry… He smiled nd she hugged him bacWinkk… Maaa  she tore off her tied neck bandWink…Her hands were lying looseOuch… U dnt like to see me this wayEmbarrassed..She thrust those tied up in his hands..Take it.. I removed itSleepy… Maaan was shocked at her stupidityLOL!! She continued… U know wat i hate PaaapaCry… Its all his faultCry!!! Who told him to callCry ??? had he not called i would have never tripped offEmbarrassed..u know wat ve not spoken to him from d time am tied up with these bandagesLOL… I told maama only after removing this i’ll talk to him..Its all his Fault… Geet started crying!! Wink

PRECAP : Maaa & Eeet Talks nd d Bday Fights AGAIN!!!!LOL

2 thoughts on “PART 13 – LVE –

  1. Awww..My Maaneet craving to see each other..
    But Maan didn’t want to meet Geet due to his guilt..
    Awww..Geet removed the belt frm her neck bcoz her Maan cldn’t see her like tht..
    Itni kam umar me they both understand each other so well..

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