PART 14 – LVE –

Maan had convinced Geet to wipe away her tears nd took d blame on himself for her fracture & Geet was arguing blaimg her dad for d incidentConfused… d SWEET CHIT CHAT TURNED OUT AGGRESIVE nd Maan got wild with her not giving in to himAngry… He unrooted d tulip plant nd bumped on her head nd walked away yelling look EEEtt its cos of me u got hurted.. Get tat… Oh god how trueAngry… Life is always like thtat wen u love someonw deep from ur within then only they can hurt u in unkown waysCry the right to hurt us rests with our lovers no one else can dare touch our soft cornersCry…Yet again in d process of settling peace with her he went by just by igniting more fights between them…Embarrassed

Beena had set up lunch nd was Feeding Geet… Maan walked down from his room nd silently ate his pasthaa!! His fav food… Geet hated paastha nd made all baby facesEmbarrassed… Beena made her paratha nd fed her up nd they all went back to RM at d eveningLOL.. Geet was very much upset with Maan nd her head was also bursting in pain… She told Beena Maan plucked her bandages nd in return got Maan handful of wackings by BeenaClap… Geet was enjoying it thoroughly wen she remembered how he had thrust d plant on her head nd shivered with pain nd she told Beena she fell down while fighting with Maan nd hurt her headWink! Beeena had been highly upset with Maan.Angry.. But Maan never spokehe went away with Nano to RM…Embarrassed

At RM Brij played d peacemaker btw kidsLOL… Geet tuffle with Maan nd Anni tuffle with Maan… Brij suggested d kids help him foR watering d gardenWink!! Geet walked past nd sat in one corner …Anni was helping out brij i n watering d plants.. Maa n too gracefully started helping half heartedly… It was getting him difficult to carry on those long pipelines! Angry

He finally mishandled one of d water pipesWink!! nd pushed it out only to drench Baby geet with WaterCry… Geet was drowned nd finally anni ran up to close d pipelinesDead! Geet was already disturbed nd now pissed off with himAngry.. She went nd plucked out anni water lines nd stood in front of Maan nd showered him Head to ToeWink.. Put it down nd ran inside home! Maan stood there flabbergastd, highly unexpecting Geet to react tat way… Wink

Rano had seen Geet running nd Beena caught up with wet Maan nd Geet nd took it for granted tat Maan was once again behind geet to all hisWink… she whacked him once again Poor maan stood silent over all this without a replyLOL… Geet felt bad for Maan walked downstaris nd apologised wen Rano nd Beena had left d scene… Wink

Geet went down looked right at d water droplets from his monopoly hat dripping down raised herself to his earsConfused… told a silent SorryLOL..Kissed over his cheeksEmbarrassed pulled out his hat nd ran awayWink! Maan smlied back ran behind Geet to d Garden only to be welcomed by another shower by great Geet HandaTongue!! Maan Geet had a jolly time irking d other with water showers only to be interuppted by Brij who had come up to wish geet for her BdayEmbarrassed… Brij wanted to wish her first so had wished her  in advance ! Maan imagining tat it was Geet’s Bday pulled out chocolates frm hiss bag to feed herAngry… spiling her lips nd cheeks with chocolate! Geet Was rofling at himConfused!! nd he showered her once more to wipe off those creams around herOuch!!! Baby MaanEet!!! had a wonderful hang out in garden while anni wwas a silent spectator to all thisWink… hse never understood how maaneet fight nd patch up within short time span LOLnd wished they all grew up soon to shed out this childishnessEmbarrassed! gosh had she known they will forget d patch up skills wen they grow up she would dread to think abt them growing up,.. Cry

PRECAP : BDAY fights!!! Angry

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