PART 15 – LVE –

Anni got up early in d morning dressed herself pulled Maan out of Bed nd they both reached RM to wish GeetEmbarrassed! It was Geet’s First Birthday nd d Kids of d Family were super xcited!! Maan had bumped into her room to find her sleeping pleasurably!Confused!! Geet had stayed awake d previous night due to severe pain due to her injuryAngry‘Later during d noon she had got up to pleasnt gifts by Anni nd BeenaDead‘Maan had never got any gifts to her, it was during her just born days that wen ever he went shopping he would fetch something for her nd give it to Rano but now he felt she had everything nd so choose to just enjoy d Baby Kitchen set gifted by Anni!!LOL



Later during d day Brij had got d celebrations ready for d party’ Maan had just turned 2 years by now nd would act like a young adult matured nd responsible he was running around d house along with Brij nd helpling d decorations nd blowing ballons’ Geet struggled to blow Ballons nd ended up only licking themWink!! Anni nd Geet were playingOuch !!



Evening finally wen all was set ready for d celebration d 2 families had got together for d party!Ouch!! Geet was over excited nd tip toed with her Cindrella white frock looked like an angel nd charming beauty as usualConfused‘ It was sunset nd thus began d partyWink‘ Happy Bday to EEet was played!Embarrassed Rano helped Eet cut d bday cake which was a toy train shaped.LOLGeet loved trains nd so Brij had ordered for itWink‘ Initailly Geet had protested to cut through d wagons of d train nd but Maan came closer nd told Eeet only if u cut this wagon’s we can each one have one for ourselWinkf’Geet thiough didn’t like it ultimately on Maan’s coaxing cut it out nd took d first piece to feed herself wen Maan snatched it from her nd gulped inAngry. Geet gave a deathly stare nd started cryingCry ,Beena came over nd Rano both tried pacifying Geet but no use Maan had eloped d party hall to eat d cakeTongue‘ Geet never ate a bit too of her Bday cake nd she cryingly slept over Beena’s shouldersCry‘Fate was always this way were Maan would always first comfort herEmbarrassed nd then snatch away things from her which give her pleasureAngry‘Geet had to ultimately accustom herself to only shed tearsCry , d girl who never cried would shed down tears which were always proveoked by him either his innocence or his loveCry‘ He knowingly or unknowingly would always end up hurting heAngryr’ But she had a heart of wax she had learnt to always ignore his tacticsOuch but not for long wen she knew tat her love for him was not d prime thing in d universeCry , only wen they started to realize d worldy pleasures nd responsibilities did hey start drifting from each otherAngry, but by then they had carved a memory that both could never erase out off their lives’Wink



Rano had been back to her in laws, nd never turned up for 6 months or soAngry‘ Both Beena and Rano had been busy with their lives nd kids that they would harldy get time to meet’ It would always be phone calls wen the kids were at school or asleep’ Dev had learnt never to interfere with his siblings nd always maintained to himself nd his projects’Anni nd Maan had no better job than to irk the otherEmbarrassed‘Beena was always into a mess handling this two’



A year passed by nd Geet had’nt turned upCry‘ Maan was always into qntin Beena abt Geet’s where abouts nd  Beena would dial Rano for d Kids to speak but Maan would hardly spkAngry, he would just listen to his Geet’s blabbberings over phoneAngry!!! D family coronation nd Maan’s 3 rd Bday had comeLOL‘Geet had traveled to HP for the occasion nd it was a 15 day stay at RM’ Maan Had packed his bags nd shifted to RM citing tat he missed his eeet nd would stay with herEmbarrassed‘Beena would always laugh at d kids innocenceLOL‘Anni too had stayed with Rathore’s at RM’Each day would begun with Rano feeding Geet nd Maan  too feeding to his eeetAngry‘After Bfast kids would assemble at d main hall nd play all games tat they had learnt in d past 1 yeaWinkr. The games were varied nd always ended up in a huge fight which would ultimately wrap up at lunch with Rano coming uo to settkle down issuesWink‘They all would go for nap nd Maan would sneak to Eeet’s bed nd pull her out to go to garden nd waterEmbarrassed!! Maan loved to water d Gardens with Eet each day Embarrassedthey would wet themselves all oveWinkr , run to kitchen nd play ice cubes fightWink nd slip up nd down d house only to wakeup anni who would start with her complainging sessionsAngry!!! Evenings were spent listening to Nano’s & Mummiji’s Stories nd after Dinner they would both go nd fall of in Bed!Sleepy!! Geet at centre nd Anni & Maan to her either sideEmbarrassed‘Maan would always stare at her eyes nd sleep kiss her cheeks nd utter softly I want to close my eyes looking at ur eyes each nightCry J How d 15 days had come to an end was something d kids could never understandCry..Maan’s 3 rd Birthday nd Geet’s 2 nd Bday all was as eventful as d previous YearLOL!!! Fights between them had no bounds as usual nd all came to a halt once d 15 days got overOuch‘Maan was upset ndregreeted having fought with her so much all throught yet admiring her secretly!!!Wink



PRECAP : Geet shifts to DELHI!! Cry

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