PART 16 – LVE –

Anni had started her schooling nd would jump with joy pretending to be a teacher nd would endlessly Teach Maan alphabets nd lettersLOL.. She had tought him to read write nd shared all her school notes with himAngry, though Maan too had to been enrolled to skool but thanks to his After Polio effect were d Dr’s had advised him some more rest before starting a normal school life like other kidsOuch.. Maan was so much interested in studies tat he would ultimately finish up all of Anni’s Homework making her more lazy day by dayDead!! D kids used to aloof with Dev’s Homework nd Maan used to sit nd sort them out tooEmbarrassed‘ Maan loved maths something an instantaneous bond arose btw him nd d subjectSleepy‘ Maan had always been creative but this  entire concept of schooling left him super excited abt him dreaming abt his future schooling..Sleepy
It was Maan’s 3rd BdayConfused‘ Geet had been to RM for as usual 15 days!! LOL
Maan’s 3 rd birthday was circled only around Geet’ He wanted to compensate for d previous years fight between the two so he cut d cake with her nd fed her almost d whole cake leading to a drastic fight between Anni & MaanCry‘ Maan would as usual bump out with xcuses to rescue his GeetAngry‘ Brij loved d kids nd their innocence brought charm to Rathore MansionWink‘ 
Anni had extended her tution sessions to Geet tooOuch‘ But more than Anni it would be Maan who would do d teaching jobEmbarrassed!!! He would sit beside her with slates nd boards nd teach her alphabetsClap, Anni tought them spellbound nd all 3 kids loved it so muchWink, Maan would always fight to begin d game nd always his first spellword would be GEETLOL!!! He had clicked loads of pics of them playing spellboard nd her name stuck out in d board gave him so much pleasureWink!!! Geet hardly knew much words but Maan had never failed as a teacher, Apart from their daily sessions of fights nd all studies would be prime!! Ouch
Looking at d craze of d kids Beena got a note pad for them to scribe upon, it was 4days prior to Geet’s BdayEmbarrassed!! Anni had labeled her;s nd Maan;s book with their respective names nd given Geet her copy of Book’ Geet took it with grace nd sat down to write her name’ It was d first time she wrote her name she was trembling, Maan held her encouraged her to write, she took out d Black pen Maan still holding her hands making her pen down her name!!! She wrote those letters with so much pride,Shocked
 With such a sweet scribble nd hid her note , Maan immediately snatched it nd was rolling with laughter ‘ Geet abhi tak tum school bhi nahi gayee Dr kahan se ban gayee’LOL Geet gave her signature stare nd with tears dripping down walked away’Cry
Engulfed with pencils nd crayons Rathore Mansion had all d walls inscribed with d word GEET HANDAWink, it would be either Maan teaching her to write her name or she practicing her NameWink, by the time her 15 days vacation was over Brij had called upon d painters for renovation of d Mansion due to d wall scribes!!! Wink
It was  Geet’s Birthday nd like previous year she was down with fever thanks to Maan for their endless Garden watering sessions nd d numerous ice cubing fightsLOL‘ Geet yelled to Maan while sneezing non stop Y do u always have to spoil my dayLOL‘ little did she knew tat every single bit of her joy would only be tampered nd Tarnished by d ever gr8 Maan Singh KhuranaCry‘IT had been accustomed to their lives tat HE would be d cause of all sufferings in HER lifeCry‘Anni Gifted Her a Kids Doctor’s Set for her to play with’ Geet was so happy nd hugged her tightCry, d other day Anni would not bear Geet being teased by Maan nd her tears tore her her baby Geet’s Dreams she would go to any extent to fulfill themLOL‘ She dragged Geet nd went stood straight in front of MaanWink‘Dekho Maan Geet abhi Dr hai uske paas to Dr set hi haiConfused, Ab hasoAngry‘. Maan stood dumbstruck!!! But Maaan IS MaaanWink!!! He replied Anni last year u gave her Kitchen setAngry‘.Anni interrupted ‘ kyunki us time usko cooking cooking khelna pasand thaOuch, Maan went on wahi tho Ek ladki ke liye jo bhi pasand hu aakhir mein cooking khana hi pasand hota haiAngry!!! Tumhara first gift Geet ke liye sirf wahi tha aur usko humesha wahi pasand rahegaAngry‘ Geet stood their watching all this unfoldAngry‘ Never spoke anything nd walked awayOuch‘ little did d kids knew abt Geet HandaWink‘ D Girl who would go against to do wat her heart directs her too nd little did she herself knew tat all her dreams would only push her away from Him Cryher source of all beginningCry but alas all her source of dreams did begin with himSmile but to their unfortunate lives her dreams never encirlced his..Cry

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