PART 17 – LVE –

The entire vacation had terminated an uneventful trip apart from the usual fights nd warsConfused.Geet had traveled now to Delhi along with Rano nd MohinderLOL‘ The family had decided this for Mohinder was finding it difficult to operate his vast business from JalandherAngry‘ Daadima accompanied them, though the Handa’s could have escorted to a private territory to themselves in Delhi too but Mohinder didn’t want his daughter to be grown up aloof nd missing out d basic essence of childhood with childrenCry, so they had decided to shift to d residential zone of Armed forces since Mohinder was starting a new venture with d uranium plants in Australia nd needed defence support for his business nd the Government Of India had obliged him to stay down with the forcesEmbarrassed




Geet was 2 nd half years by now nd immensely loved d new atmosphere at DelhiWink‘ loads of children to hang out with unlike Jalandher where she would be confined to herself nd would only resort to social living at vacation times wen they would travel down to HoshiyarpurEmbarrassed



Geet’s schooling had started in Cambridge SchoolOuch ‘ Delhi around Mid june nd Geet was an epitome of silent killerWink‘She had all d world to herselfEmbarrassed‘ Never complained to going to classes inspite of all d nuisance pranks d kids used to play, would hardly converse with anyone at school nd was known as d most disobedient girl of her classAngry‘ She never paid any sort of attention in her classes nd never had d urge to even note down anything as per teachers guidanceOuch‘ IN short she was d leader of laziness who would just stare at teacher’s nonstop nonsenseDead‘ She never cultivated any habit which would show even a slight interest in studies nd invariably would always sleep into all her classes a trait tat was accustomed to be of Geet HandaClap!!! The only thing that was positive abt her was GH was neat nd tidy nd her conduct was goodEmbarrassed!!! Nd They took it for granted tat GH was QUITE nd TIMIDLOL!!! Little did they knew abt the sherni tat rest in herLOL!!! At her Parents First Meet at School D Teacher had gone ahead telling GH was well behaved very understanding nd dignifiedOuch!!*God knows were did d teacher stumble upon this* SHE is CALMAngry*a complete ContradictionSleepy nd SHE is ConfidentEmbarrassed*a complete understatement*Cry



At Home Rano’s presence had always instilled a deep sense of understanding for Geet, she would sit by her Mom nd complete  her Homework in matter of minutesEmbarrassed nd would just Hog down to Play Area to divert her full attention to Sameer nd Sunaina MalikLOL!!! Their Neighbours and of her age Sameer nd Geet were destined to beLOL‘Leaders of all pranks nd d most known naughtiest persons of d Armed force Colony!!!Embarrassed



While d Teacher had started her complaining Session abt how GH had never even by mistake took out her pencil to write baby GH made all facesEmbarrassed*I want Maan to hold me writeWink* its so difficult MomOuch‘ u can never understand these SubjectsWink!!! OH Rofl it out??? U cant understandConfused??? Rano was d Zone topper in her Boards, a Biotechnologist nd a Complete Asset to d Rathore Family whose all Talent had gone hidden due to her untimely timely Marriage nd here Geet was acccusing her mom knew nothingROFL!!!!! GH had excuses pinned to her noseAngry, would escape any kind of treacheryEmbarrassed* a trait tat had saved her lives many nos of times in futureWink– an instantaneous speech to lie flatly without any soever kind of recognization!!!Ouch



Geet was dumbfolded wen Rano had actually hit her on her knuckles for being so disobedienCryt’ GH had never been experienced with anything called as physical asaault let alone her numerous list of prankEmbarrassed, Rano would bear it all with all her nonsenseLOL‘ nd being d only Daughter nd pampered to d power of inifinity this was something GH had never witnessed in life nd had let her upset to d extent tat she had stopped talking to Rano completelyCry‘ Baby GH had anger plastered to her nose nd yes wat was her fault tat she never maintain any school recordsAngry?? Pride nd arrogance or wat ever u would define her but one thing out right straight is tat GH can never tolerate any kind of humiliationEmbarrassed



It was a week since the incident nd still Geet was not in terms with RanoLOL, Rano found it xtremely unpleasant to put up with d never ending tantrums of  Geet, she had never xpected Geet to turn so hostileOuch‘ One evening wen the kids were playing out in d kids park at their colony, Sameer had suggested that they make Greeting cards something new tat he had learnt!! As the kids were engrossed in paper cards manipulating Rano came up nd carried off Geet who was enjoyin her kids session EmbarrassedGeet behaved ignorant to RanoOuchnd her concern’ It was then tat Rano while turning to pick Geet’s fallen card to pick up did she trail blood stains all over d path Crythey had walked right upto their entranceCry, d card too was Blood stained’Cry


2 thoughts on “PART 17 – LVE –

  1. Geet is becoming lazy & ignorant due to so much pampering..
    OMG…wht was tht???..blood stained greeting card tht too made by Geet…

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