PART 18 – LVE –

Geet had not raised a single protest or cry of being hurt, wen Rano had carried Geet back homeCry, Geet stuck her stationeries to herself only later to find tat the scissors had torn her skins of legs apart, blood oozing out in full speed wetting all around d play area nd back home tooWink


Rano’s tears had no boundsCry, nd still no withering movement by GeetAngry‘It was this quality of hers to stand through hall adversitiesOuch nd still remain calm was something tat fate had taken notice tooOuch nd take her for granted tat come wat may GH Embarrassedwould stand through Clap‘ Blood Cryor LifeDead, Soul Winkor DeathAngry, TearsCry or JoyTongue human emotions were something tat she could perfectly handle without any expression  carrying a mask like faciesWink‘ It was this tat shuddered RanoCry, how ever Delicate doll her Baby Geet would be but  when it comes to her core of existence she would bear things to any extentCry, Geet had been later rushed to Hospital to get stitches done to control d bleeding but alas she never felt painDead, d pampered princess never complained it was her innate nature to swallow her pains to herself wen d issue struck her egoLOL‘ Pain was a smaller incident for her , physical Pain was something she would not bearEmbarrassed but wen it matteredConfused , Pain was nothing to herAngry‘ It was nothing more than LoveAngry.. She Loved Rano deeplyClap nd was immensely hurt wen she had hit her something tat she could never expectAngry‘ It was out of this rage tat GH had stopped talking to Rano nd showed complete indifference nd took this royal style of ignorance so ta tRano could feel guilty of trying to whack at GHOuch!!! Smart GHROFL!!! She knew it well tat Rano will shatter wen she sees her baby in pain nd would break apart if her baby tries to bear it all nd GH took this incident oh her side wen she still maintained silent inspite of all d bloodshedAngry‘ Rano was broken in toto with Gh’s silence at this incidentOuch



Later wen they got back home to add to her miseries GH walked up to Rano to give d Card she had made with SameerWink‘ D contents of d card Read I LOVE U MOMHug!!! Nd it had bloodstains all over Cry‘ Rano burst out with full tears looking at her daughter’s innocenceDead‘ They hugged each other nd were back into termsHug‘ Finally Rano was happy to see Geet back to normal talking chatting!!!Embarrassed




Geet nd Sameer were partners in crimeWink!!! Sunaina his younger sister was a silent babyWink!!! Geet nd Sameer used to take full advantage of her silent nature!!! It was once wen they both were playing, they landed in bathtub trying to water bathe one anotherWink‘ All thanks to Sunaina she came up in time to join themLOL‘but GH had a sparkling ideaEvil Smile‘They both comfortably seated her in the bath tub nd took out a bar- unfortunately it turned out to be a clothing cleaner barThumbs Up Geet assumed it to be a bath bar nd conveniently scrub Sunaina all overWink nd easily made her bathCry‘ not finding a shampoo at vicinity they took out a tube which happened to be a tooth paste ROFLnd scrubbed it all over her hairsROFL.. sunaina stood silent wen both Geet nd Sameer were bathing herOuch‘ It was later after d bath wen thry thought of oil massage to her hairs tat on not finding an oil GH walked to d kitchen nd took out d cooking oilShocked– she thought tat would be good for her hairShocked– nd yes they did it drastically they massaged her hairs with cooking oil nd it was then that Rano had accidently came over to  d kitchen wen she stood dumbfoldedShocked‘ She just could not fathom d sight that lay in front of herShocked‘ Sunaina smelling of cooking oilLOL toothpasteWink nd a wasiung barCry all put together’ Sameera aunty too pooped in on Rano’s call nd both looked at d kids with mere disgustROFL‘Geet nd Sameer ran out for hiding nd sunaina just put up a brave smileROFL!!! Rano apologized on Geet’s behalf nd Sameera just left it out citing children r always upto no good!!!Ouch



Rano tat night had a huge list of complaints stocked up for MohinderWink‘ “Geet beta can just not stay idle, she is always a mess nd runs disaster around her circumferenceEmbarrassed‘ Rano was on her endless list of complaints poor Mohinder gave a weak smile tugged her palms tight ‘Rano bacchi hai its Perfectly fineLOL.. abhi shaitani nahi karegi tho kab karegi Ouch?? Let her prank keeping all d time but how long will it last Rano its just matter of timeWink, she’ll grow up soon na Embarrassed so just rest all these thoughts but still Rano was insecure only she knew her baby Geet would never change or in short never come out of her naughty nature!!!ROFL


PRECAP : GEET LOST!!!Broken Heart

2 thoughts on “PART 18 – LVE –

  1. Finally Geet & Rano ke beech sab sort out ho gaya..
    Geet is sssooooo naughty..
    Poor Sunaina…Sameer aur Geet ne uski haalat hi kharaab kar di…

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