PART 19 – LVE –

The year passed by as eventfully as usualOuch‘ Geet nd Sameer were never ending in their pranks.. The entire lot of kids at school nd at colony were literally bugged up with their non stop leg pullingWink‘ Geet had later on gotten d habit of paying some kinda attention to her classesAngry nd was trying to behave not to irk Rano permanentlyEmbarrassed‘ Rano nd Geet had got to a good tuning nd Geet would always escape after getting caught with her worksCry‘ At d year end they had traveled to HPOuch‘ Geet was super excited to go there nd was waiting to share her school life experience with Anni nd MaanShocked



A day after they had landed in HP in d evening d kids were preparing for Maan’s birthday d next dayAngry‘ Geet nd Brij were running north to south ordering cakes nd full on prep for d Bday’Ouch Geet was so dead tired nd dozed off tat night without dinnerWink‘ Next day Geet got up nd was running out to wish Maan first on his bday, she went to KM walking with Nano and was super excited to wish him firstAngry‘ Poor baby geet wen went up to meet Anni was informed tat Maan had got all set ready nd was gng out for a picnic with his friendsAngry.. Geet rushed downstairs to see Maan get into a car seated with bunch of boys nd some aunty too before she could go near it the car had ignited nd had its way out d KMAngry ‘



Geet ran behind the car only to see it took a straight left turnCry, slowly she followed nd took the turn only to see the car missing or in short out of sight,Wink d road was desserted, she walked straight endlessly bypassing all deviationsAngry‘ She was getting tired now as the scorching sun took over, she was sweating nd full on feeling hungry but all she knew was Maan went straight into d roadSleepy finally she stopped as d roads grew thinner nd wat she could see was nothing but woods nd woods nd woodsCry‘ She got scared she turned back nd she souldnt find anyone near by, she reversed her steps walking back the path she trailed unaware of d route that lay in front of herAngry





Lunch time Anni cuddled up next to RanoWink‘ She was missing Geet’ She had assumed that Geet had sreturned home with Nano, and came here along with Beena after breakfast’ Wen d lunch was all set Rano was searching the house only to find Geet missingLOL , further enquiry with servants only revealed the sad truth that Geet never returned backWink.. Beena called up KM only to get confirmation that Geet was not there tooCry..The whole house swept in panic nd it turned evening by the time Maan had returnd from the picnic.Embarrassed He was so excited to share d day’s events with Geet and was really tensed to look at the atmosphere at homeCry– Brij had informed d DCP nd a full fledged search team had been deported in search of GeetOuch‘ Maan was very uneasy and he too tagged to go along with Kunal and BrijDead‘ Aftre trying in vain to sort things with him relunctantly they took him overEmbarrassed





             MAAN IRKING!!!Dead

2 thoughts on “PART 19 – LVE –

  1. Aghhhhh…how could Maan do this???
    He was meeting Geet after such a long time…
    Hiw could he go to the picnic with his frnds..
    Poor Geet was so eager to wish him first..
    Geet is missing..
    Hope she is fine..

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