PART 20 – LVE –

Maan was worried immensely and cuddled next to Kunal in their jeep which strode past the National Highway’s just to go on for hunt for GHConfused!!! He kept a Hawk’s eye watch at the surroundings in case he finds his missing GH!!!Angry



 Mean while Rano had called up Mohinder to inform abt missing GHWink!!! Mohinder was shockd and suspected some gangsters involved in this fiascoCry, only then had he told his wife about the Uranium Contract wherein he was under the constant vigilance by the neighbourhood enemy who wanted to lay hands on the prospectus of that dealDead… Mohinder had stayed silent through out the transactions- and now suspecting that his daughter has turned victim in greedy eyes he could’nt fathom his fears turning to realityDead– His baby was in danger and that too because of himDead– but wat else could he have done Angry? in sense of national security he was lip cuffed to stay silent and now things have taken a bad shapeCry. Rano stood at shock first she had assumed Geet had lost her way in HPEmbarrassedand now with the police force in search for her they could track her down soonOuch but now wat she heard Kidnaaping fiascoAngry  – OMG She just faintedAngry, 8 hours nd her baby had’nt had food and was lost no oops KIDNAPPED!!!Shocked




 Mohinder had informed his seniors nd his colleagues and an emergency Copter was guided for his take off to HPDead…. The special Squad team along with the military and the security personnels were also along deported to HPAngry!!! All radio frequency’s along HP was being traced and any abnormal signals were to be transferred to Delhi Head QaurtersOuch.. It was 6 in the evening and nothing untoward was reported in HP all along the daySleepy, Police personnels grew worrisome as they could’nt trace any ransom call or anything…Angry



 Maan Kunal Brij had been traveling along so many roads and pathways in search of Geet!!Embarrassed

NH had been blocked by every signal by Poice Force for checksSleepy … Maan was losing his temperLOL.. He couldn’t tolerate the fact that Geet was not at home and not there and they were searching for her without not knowing where she had elopedWink… He was growing insane with each passing minuteShocked, and was literally barking at everyone for not being by herAngry… Kunal irritated after his non stop blaming session snapped at his faceCry– ‘ Geet is missing all thanks to u.. Maan tum picnic ke liye nikal gaye aur who tumhe  follow kar ke ghar se nikal gayeeCry ‘ That was like nail in the coffin Maan stood dumb he could not comprehend that His Geet was Missing cos of himOuch… He felt a heavy heart Angryand sat back silently in d back seat lost of all emotions….Cry

PRECAP :Embarrassed Maan Geet Ehem Ehem!!! Embarrassed

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