PART 21 – LVE –

Kunal had been driving aimlessly fully bewildered as to what circumstances would lead them to find Geet, He was scared tat baby Geet had lost her way nd knowing HP it was difficult to trace down roads leave alone roads so many fields nd unisons of forests he was getting worrier each passing minute.


   As they halted Maan was just randomy watching by the passing meadows nd rivers the scene was so serene that he wished he had come to picnic to these places with his Geet nd she would not have got lost as he would be ther by her , every second of his life – close to his heart n dwould let no harm touch her- his heart pained nd poked feared wat was Geet upto now.



   She lay there dreaming in her sleep- she opened her eyes to see him nd wish me for his bday… He caught a glimpse of her first imagined to be a fantasy of his imagination but hen jumped off his vehicle to run to the area where he had found her sleeping.. He ran with all his strenthgs nd speed no limit tat alost fell over her sleeping petite body, she jerked in his touch- he looked at her mesmerized her pale face due to heat n dehydration was looking even more prettier. He jus shaked her nd she silenltly opened her eyes till in state of dreams… She opened her small eyes to see his handsome Maan standing in fornt of her she leaped into his arms- hugged him tight nd wished Happy Bday Maaa…. He was shocked to see this of her expressions little did he understand baby geet then noe laterwen they grew up. He always Misunderstood her. He didn’t let her speak but showered kisses all over her face.. He couldn’t believe his fate he had found his Geet he was so happy nd most important he felt so low for being d cause of her absence. Kunal nd Brij walked over to the kids nd carried them back hoem .Maan all d while holded her arms tight nd she almost every now nd then winced looking at her reddened arms.. He behaved as if unaffected…



PRECAP : bday party turns a let off for MSK!

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