Hello guys- this part is like an outline to how s story will shape as Maan & Geet grow!


To all Pm Queires – No leaps… Yes guys No leapssss….. !!!! I intend to show the childhood nd innocent love story before showing out the tortous course of adulthood!!!


Maan is celebrating his 4th Bday!! Nd Geet is 3 yrs Old!!!


*The’ll not grow soon – probably every 3 or 4 parts will cover 1 yr story*- now fasting nearing to end YES UPDATES will be frequent…. Ve scripted next 5 parts will keep posting frequetntly from now on but yes no gurantee on PMS!



If my style of writing faces any criticism kindly tell – I would love to improvise – since this is ma first attempt at writing Stories – ve written numerous poems , Nd once Maan & Geet start growing up will fill it here as per d situations!!


I haven’t thought of any Happy or Sad ending as of now- ve dreamt only till they r 20 yrs !!! So ll shape d storyline as nd wen time goes by – God this is d maximum Pm’s I receive 😛


Nd for PM – my memory is FULL*APOLOGIEsssss* so guys leave back ur Queries in comments nd ll definitely get back to u!!


Hope u r liking this FF even if not me gonna write *ROFL* since ma first attemot nd I want to complete it!!


PRECAP : School SChoool SChoooool……….

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