PART 22 – LVE –


   Maan nd Geet walked in Hand to hand… It was past 8 nd Mohinder had landed minutes ago seeing his Baby Geet his joy knew no bounds so was Rano nd Beena… all were over joyed the entire hyusehold lept in joyous unison but a single soul who seemed all unpleasant abt the incident was d Bday Baby – Maan… He was dying of guilt.. He felt deeply hurted…He just went to Rano’s room nd cuddled up silently shedding tears. Anni nd Dev hugged Geet nd welcomed her with chocolates, Hungry Geet swallowed them all her face a miniscule of choco… Mohinder had informed d forces abt situation being under control…


  Rano carried Geet back to their romm for a frseh up when they noticed Maan sobbing, Rano was deeply touched as usual by the small gestures by Maan, it took her vey long to convinve him out nd she finally suggested to carry out the Bday party – now that Geet also had been back home safe…

  As the kids nd elders did a final touch up to d Bday hall settings, Geet was heavily tired hardly able to walk Brij had been carrying her all along , nd Maan stood holding hands with Brij never letting him out of sight… The cake was all set ready Maan cut d cake nd fed his first piece to Geet a smile sprinkled on her face – it was the first time he had done something like tat (*who knows may be LASTT TIMEE too*)



What are the looks lost in the desert horizons of unfulfilment or those in the eyes that deeply loose each other in the others inside the souls? Such were the looks by d Legendary Maan…. He fed her not just d first piece but the foloowing pieces too – probably he didn’t want to share his belongings with anyone but her, probably he wanted to surrender himself completely over her nd submit himself to the core of his existence… Nothing sounded complete in her absence nd nothing made sense in her distance, Life was perfect around her nd meaningful at her vicinity. If this feeling was Love then yes it was this feeling he harboured in his tender hearts even before anyone knew d meaning of Love nd tat is called d selfless Love, Love with no boundaries nd Love with no limitations – He who cant comprehend the meaning of a situation yet deeply attached to it expresses how divine nd pure those feelings are… If If IF alone had those feelings always been nutrued in their hearts if alone their innocene was not corrupted by maturity, if alone their love was not shadowed by commitments – the tale would be immortalized – but Love is Sacrifice – Love is joy of others – Love I stat feeling even after complete rejection u continue to love without expecting anything in return. These kids of today will turn adults of tmrw nd wen they witness life’s hurdles only time will tell how much they survive – no love story has a smooth road – A calm ocean never made a killed mariner- so only with all ups nd downs wen their love keeps tested will it stand out unique in d tests of time…


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