PART 23 – LVE –

It was back to school time nd GH had started another academic year of her schooling with much accomplishment as usualAngry‘ Her love for outdoor games had been rooted due to inumerous sessions she had spent with Maan at HPWink‘She missed him during all her Drill periods nd never tired complaining to Rano abt themCry‘As Baby GH grew she developed with good manners nd memory nd her relations turned cordial towards fellow comradesShocked‘ Though her Sunaina nd Sameer pranks never turned lessROFL‘ 



     Another year of schooling tunred as eventful as previous years only to be welcomed to d vacations which turned colorfull in Maan’s presenceEmbarrassed! GH was 4 years old nd it was her first Bday!!! The Handa’s Rathore’s & Khurana’s had the blessed day of their livesLOL‘ Brij hadf made it the most memorable moments of their livesTongue ‘ nd probably only this childhood remained pleasant for the kidsCry‘ Dev turned more of Bookoholic nd never interfered in household nd Ani would always have tears bundled up to make ppl tip over her AngryMaan as usual never tired of those Hide nd Seek fights with GHOuch‘It had become a routine for Geet to look forward to her vacations where she would spend 1 month with Maan Maan nd only MaanTongue‘ Year long both the kids would wait for this golden period nd when the waiting eneded it turned out worse nd so eventfull that they always departed with pain, Maan would never come to bid farewell he just couldn’t sight his GH cryingWink, GH would go back with tears nd it was d only time of her life which went this wayAngry



      It was GH’s FIRST GRADE ‘ nd she had made new friends at skool, would always sit be herself loft at her break time Sleepy‘ her only memories where of those moments at HP! Barely a Kid nd still separation was harsh a age where kids grew playing GH had always spent smiling aloneSmile, smiling to herselfEmbarrassed‘ Imagining abt Maan at every situationss of her lifeEmbarrassed


     GH was selected the role of an Angel during a Good Samaritan play –  Rano had revised her nd Maan too took her dialogue classes late that nightEmbarrassed‘ During the final Play Rano nd Mohinder lay seated watching her stand , Rano guessed nervousbess as Baby GH’s plight was so clearly visibleROFL ‘ Big Big drops threatening to fall down any momentROFL!!! She stood numb and finally when her turn came up she could barely spk out ‘ it was not stage fear , probably Fear was never a factor in her Life LOLit was always abt Separation Cry‘ the word the thought that murdered her bit by bit ‘ she just uttered those words –  Maan I Miss uShocked!!! It had finally taken a toll over her Broken Heart‘ she thought ogf her phrase nd she could only remember the previous night conversation with himLOL ‘ All kids burst out laughing nd the teacher had somehow handled the situation- a true aangel like she looked prettily dressed but only thing missing in her face was those angelic smileEmbarrassed!!! Sorrow had overshadowed her self  nd it all disappeared once they travellled back to HP during the vacationsDead!!!




    GH spent the entire jorney gazing at her watch nd counting at the electric posts tat bypassed their routesLOL ‘ this was her way of recollecting the nos of posts tat stood btw them nd every time it neared she would be happy ONE DOWN!!! Strange r kids nd stranger their behaviour!!!Sleepy



   Maan’s 6th Bday nd GH stayed the night over at Khurana MansionDay Dreaming ‘ d kids had a blast, Early in the morning Geet got up to see Maan making a beautiful Home out of cardboards nd some stationary at handEmbarrassed.. Geet was amazed at this beautiful construction he had laid upon ‘ She went near him nd sat beside him nd took out a sketch nd etched GMK at d name plate areaWink!!! Maan gave a small smile nd asked wat is itConfused‘ She just smiled back Smile‘ Maan tum yeh kiss ke liye bana rahe ho mere liye hi naWink ??? OF course Geet jo  hi mera hai usme sirf tumhara naam hogaEmbarrassed ‘ tho isliye maine hum duno ka naam likha hai yahan peLOL! Maan smiled backSmile ‘ Geet tried pulling d houseWink , Maan Stop Gee t wat r u doing its still not finished I’ll gift u someday wen its complete Embarrassed‘ She said very soon Maan I jus love this masterpiece wat u have designed Shocked‘ Anything for u Geet!!!Embarrassed



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