PART 24 – LVE –





         Another new academic year at school GH classes had been shuffled – had a difficult time making friends oops making enemies… GH was a stauch at all her ideologies & believed she was never wrong- her never to give up attitude did kill her at times but it was now tat she had met d most beautiful enemy turned friend for her life – wen enemies turn friends they stand by u & support u since they know ur weakness nd try best to hide it frm d world.. There was this girl Aliza who was always at logger heads with GH… Be it sports or studies GH never gave a chance to any one to top d charts, this was something that irked Aliza she was frm US nd led a sophisticated nd self centered life , seeing d attention GH used to get frm her teachers Aliza always made it a point to ill treat GH, she never let out a single chance too… But GH was GH the winds which could blew others away would change directions in front of her!!! The irony of life each day at school it would be either Aliza or GH standing out of classes as punishments due to each others techniques of harressing one another…



        Giving out fake proofs tat GH copies during Exam or Keeping rods at games field so tat she trip nd hurt herself unable to perform or something, Aliza was always a mastermind at such young age , GH never tolerated her cheap antics but one incident of their lives turned them best friends… The hea t of GH could melt any one , it was during their exams nd in one such attempt to hurt GH which backfired on Aliza she was left handicapped – she had tried to push down GH frm d elevator wen she struck something nd felt down toppling over, the incident left her broken limbs nd she was plastered , it was their quarterly exams & following this incident GH volunteered to be a  scribe for exam on behalf of Aliza , this gesture by GH had moved her completely nd these 2 became one of the thickest friends for ever…




       GH got so involved in her present life tat it was getting her very little time to catch up with Anni on Maan 😛 Maan never spoke to her over phone though she used to convince him wen they met at HP but he never just agreed to it.. so it would always be Anni d spokesperson who would narrate d happeninhgs at HP nd so it left Geet miss nothing J Anni had been her sweet sister a caring friend and help at ll times… Mohinder had some important meetings regarind d Uranium & Oil business tat he had to travel to Riyadh for some finalization of deal, & Rano being 55 % stake holder had to accompany , GH was not given permit to travel as Rano found it unsafe to let her go with them , a lot of security nd National defence issues let them worried to carry over their baby GH… So GH had to be at HP nd this way she had to Miss her Final exams for the term…




    It was d Delhi airport, Mummiji Beena Kunal Brij & other family members had come over for d departure – it was a 1 mnth Business trip nd this was d first time GH had to stay away from her parents. Rano was finding it difficult to part ways nd so Mohinder… Rano had checked in no time nd never turned back to look at baby GH, GH could see nothing her eyes were flooded with tears her only family her parents were going away she was shattered she hugged Mohinder who weeped holding her tight to his embrace – He kissed her nd turned to Brij – Take care of her if we never return… She is my soul nd my heartbeat … Rano knew it would be unbearable for her to vision such a sight so she had left in advance without bidding farewell, Mohinder nd Rano had spent sleepless nights worrying abt this journey – something tat always kept poking them was GH… … The National Defence had clearly given threat signs nd tat was d main reason they were traveling out of India – they didn’t carry Geet cos they didn’t want to put her at Risk… God will take care Rano used to console mohinder with fake smile though she would be dying thousand times to tell him such things… The final journey had come nd they left her her soul marked with tears , she didn’t knew anything but she knew they were going away nd would be back in a month or tat was supposed to be told to her , she prayed tat d 1 month end up soon – but no never life has strange ways nd each day sun rays bring new shine nd new hope nd new day…



Why life turns up topsy,

Wandering through it as gypsy,


Life turns red , yellow, blue,

Is maked & is pure Hue,


Life is not what it appears to be

Lofe is not just what we see


You travel through unknown path

You can never decide when to abathe


Life is but a jugsaw

You never know when turns your saw.






GH was looking at the starred night sky wen they returned home, she was gazing nd she saw the flight, she turned & called out Brij Mama to see … He carried her tight, she smiled yup Mamma & Pappa r in tat flight na Mama ?? Yes Geet… Its going so far… Ummm Geet… It’ll take them safely na Mama… Haaan Geet… Jald aayenga na Mama.. Jee Geet.. Abhi chalo sleep we need to travel bact to HP tmrw morning… The flight was out of their vision nd she smiled her way back to slumber sleep…



PRECAP : The Blast nd its aftermath Massacre – Pari d new ENTRY!!! 

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