PART 25 – LVE –

 It was all too sudden Geet was super depressed at HPWink… The days following were encircled with thoughts abt Rano nd Mohinder… Geet was treated like a princess, with due care tat Rano would have never imaginedEmbarrassed… She use d to get up to papa’s call frm Riyadh.. Nano used to get her d speaker to talk or say ummm… Mummiji will carry her , the never let her walk too!!! Food was fed , Mummiji changed her dresses , in short they pampered her infinitelyEmbarrassed… Maan nd Anni had frequesnt visits which mounted to 4-5 times per dayWink… Frustrated with d kids after a fortnight Beena had suggested tat Maan nd Anni stay over with them…LOL



            Nano had been hospitalized for some Minor surgery so Beena shifted over to their home to take care of Geet nd rest of kidsBig smile… He had been in charge for a week before dischargeAngry, on d day of discharge Geet was excited since she missed her morning cat walk with nano nd gardeninn tooLOL, her pussy had grown tired without nano nd Geet’s life turned dull without nanoCry,,, She had been geared up for Nano nd once he was back didn’t let him in peace – crawled to him nd slept over his chest nd weeped Cry– Geet was already missing Rano nd Mohinder to top it out mummiji had also gone to hospital with Nano so Geet was left alone at home with Khurana’sEmbarrassed … Though the Khurana’s had never let her feel aloof but this particular day GH could take it no moreCry.. She had an aura of negative vibes something that she could not explainCry… The day was going heavier nd she had the strong urge to speak to Papa…Unable to get through the call disheartedly she switched on the tv nd piled up in a sofa to relax when the Headlines struck TVOuch , Nano walked up wen those few words fell like terror on his face Ouch– Bomb Blast in India Embassy in Saudi Arabia – All Indians Reported Dead…Dead




            This news bowled d Handa’s nd Khurana’s no one spoke a word to Geet… Brij made few calls to Defence Academy nd everywhere there was just this one news – All DEADCry….Brij was stammering to reveal this to Nano, who had strong faith that no harm could touch their childrenAngry…Geet unaware of the incidents was happily playing with Maan along Anni in their Garden nd slept off while doing so… Further enquiry  4 hrs to the incident nd still no concrete reports had been releazed as to whether any one survived through the incidentOuch…   The worst decision was now how to break d news to GHOuch.. AT such a tender age how will she respond to this situation nd how it’ll effect her innocence, Mummiji never stopped weepingOuch… The day had indeed turned worser than any day at Handa HaveliDead….













PRECAP : The Phone call – Disbelief Embarrassed


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