PART 26 – LVE –

In Riyadh it was a pleasant morningLOL… Rano had been so engrossed in work that she had lost track of daysAngry… It was 2 more weeks for their return to India nd things had been going wellOuch… The Embassy was as desserted as before nd Rano had done packing for their field tripShocked… As noon struck in the counsellors had poured in for their pre field meetLOL… The meet had been of top secret as final proccedings of legal assurance was paid heed toSmile…The meet had come to an end nd it was evening, jus while retreating for their field trip something sudden nd unexpected occurredShocked… There was a blast at the backyard nd the whole house swept in fireShocked… There seemed no exit….Shocked



            The Khurans’ had panicked to power of inifinity nd continous calls were being made to the Embassy to find out the credentialities of d newsCry…The Handa’s nd the entire house was in state of unrest nd intense commotionCry… Geet was completely unaware and had been feeling irritated since morning , Nano had seen her unrest nd tried very hard to soothe her, He knew it he knew it would be difficult to break the news to her.Angry. She would have been shattered nd broken beyond imaginationOuch… Tender heart would not accept such brutalities which fate would spun for them…Dead





          The fire was intense surrounding nd engulfing everything on its wayCry, spreading from backyard to main gate like an island of fire ballCry… The house stay in centre surrounded by wild fire, phone lines had been burnt cutting ff the chance to dial an emergencyOuch, smoke nd fire and ash were d only visible things in surroundingShocked… Rano had lept out side the room nd went in search of Mohinder who was seated in drawing room along with the counsellers nd other officers in chargeOuch… All had been shocked at the sudden turn of events… Rano was the first one to speak Mohinder lets use d windows to break open nd escapeDead, but the sight opening the window was worser than what hey could have imagined nothing was within vision except red balls of fire… There had been severe blast nd probably the worst that they could have dreamt off…Cry




        Brij had spoken to d senior officials who assured that though the Embassy had turned to ashes there would be some hope since Mohinder nd the troop had planned for a field trip nd in case they had left in time they would’nt have fallen prey to the incidentOuchbut wat worried the officials were Mohinder was out of reachCry, even in d deserts they had proper coverage for emefgency issues so this was something worth worrying…Cry





        Unaware of wat lay I nstore for them Mohinder had finally decided along with other officers nd counselors that to move out to safety from this fire ball was next to impossibleConfused nd d best solution waould be to pray down nd pray their last wishes nd sacrifice their lives here for their countryCry, they knew that enemy had finally reached its destination by destroying all valuable documentsCry…. Mohinder just went back nd sat in the sofaDead… 


         Rano was very angry with the behavious of the pplOuch… She just barked out don’t u ppl have senseAngry.. Someone replied Rano di we can not escape now we r strangled nd y don’t u think sacrificing our lives for our nation no honour can be greater than thisClap, Rano hit her head yuip no honour can be more than that but the rule of godLOL – the first commandment includes saving one’s life Wink– when God gives u a chance safe guarding the life that he had bestowed upon is of prime importanceLOL – wat u want nowCry ? to lay adamant here nd burn ourselves so tat ppl dnt get our body for final creamtion Angry? all our limbs in separate condition that we deprive our family of the last rituals which connects us from this world to nextAngry ? wat u want to die a death that everyone never approves ofAngry ? nd wat if we dnt die wat if we r left handicapped for our lives wont we be a burdenAngry ? Rano just blurted out nd Finally Mohinder got up nd hugged her tightHug, Rano Sorry!Hug




PRECAP : Angry Geet….. Too hard to handle…. ROFL


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