PART 27 – LVE –

Mohinder walked d Room a  couple of times holding Rano tight in his embrace, she was upset that they couldn’t act fast. CryThe wireless nd all communication had been barred frm service.Angry Mohinder finaly took a plane of a statue there nd thre it in d window d largest one which could accommodate ny one to pass throughApprove‘ The moment d window cracked up flames cought the curtains nd burnt it to ashes,Broken Heart sweeping the entire atmosphere with ashes nd smog,Dead Rano shrieked wit the sudden arena of fire nd harshly fire lept to their roomBroken Heart‘ Everyone stood dumbfolded, Mohinder got d left over curtains nd bedspreads nd had previously  handed them all for protection nd now everyone had wrapped themselves nd shut their eyes tight not to witness d intensity of d situationGeek‘.Mohinder went through the clutches of fire nd wit great difficulty each of them passed through d window, it was sheer pain nd problems for them which never seem to endEvil SmileMohinder had successfully worked upon nd set them all free, it was a breath taking incident the way all of them escaped nd he had taken initiative to even protect the documentsThumbs Up.. The entire incident had left them dumbfolded ,the way things have taken shaped the fire accident nd d way they escaped safe guarding each other nd finally came out safely’Hug




        Here at HP Family’s concern took new heights, Brij had booked his next flight to SA, nd Nano too was about to accompany himOuch..Baby Geet never understoodf d graveness of d situation nd she kept to herself aloofShocked‘ Finally it was late night that they received a call which blew their senses away, Nano had taken d call nd was schocked to here Mohinder’s voice on lineQuestion‘Mohinder narrated d entire incident nd Nano had thanked d god of heavens who had kept his children safeClap. It was a moment of celebration at Rathore’sHug‘. the Khuarana’s had stayed over looking at d seriousness os d situation and all of them were more than happy to hear thisLOL‘ Mummiji broke down hearing the news nd no one slept ta fateful nihgtCool‘ It was jus 2 more weeks for Rano’s return now nd still d incident was kept under wraps for Geet’Wacko




       How d few weeks passed by oly a tremor could answer, Geet as usual would play with Anni nd Maan nd d kids non stpo fights play sessions were on full swing nothing appeared changed from their gorundGeek, but d elders had lived a life of misery tensed  Cryeach moment wondering abt d safety of Rano nd Mohinder’ The days passed like eons nd each passing day was welcomed with fear’.D'oh



      Finally those days had to end, The sun rose with new lights nd new hopes of a brighter beginningPinch‘ Brij had packed nd left for Delhi to receive themPinch, Baby geet had put on tantrums to go over which vehemently was put off Nano didn’t want Mohinder to break down again seeing Baby Geet after almost a month’Ying Yang



     Rano Mohinder had landed nd were expecting Geet to welcome themHug‘. Brij came in during check out nd hugged Rano nd little tears rolled down his cheek, Mohinder apologized for putting the family into so much trauma due to his workCry‘ Rano eased d situation nd then they drove back to HP! Day DreamingGeet was a atom bomb who would blast any momentROFL– the minute she had woken up nd knew Brij mama had gone to Delhi to receive Rano she went WildROFL.. Wild like a TigerROFL , she wanted to meet her parents first nd was very upset tat Brij had’nt taken her with himPinch



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