Character Sketch – JAB WE MET

Character Sketch :

Maan Singh Khurana : Industrialist, Social Activist a part time Economist Multi Millionaire and Single Heir of Khurana Motors & Ltd’. MD & CEO , 27 yr old satisfactorily married yet to parentise’

Geet Handa : An Automobile Engineer graduate desiging automobiles for small sacle companies, works from Home & never an ardent hardworker but capably manages My Baby’s Caf ‘ a trained Baker her full time interest, 24 yr old Single Parent yet to Marry’

Maahi K : 3 yr old bubbly daughter of Geet, a toddler par excellence loves to sleep at her mom’s lap nd never face d d harsh world, her mom keeps her safe in her arms never letting her face any difficulty’

Sameera Maan Singh Khurana : 26 yr old , model turned actress working for advertisements nd short movies an aspirant to rule Bollywood, born to Billionaire Family of Rathore married to Khurana’s ambitious nd hard working ‘ no values for family nd relationships yet loves Maan who inturns loves business above all!!!

Savithri Khurana : Maan’s dadimaa, an industrialist who took retirement after handing over powers to Maan’ Who enjoys Party’s ndd leads a solem life after retirement’.

Aditya Chopra: Maan’s best friend nd Manager at Khurana Motors’.





KKk… Guysss… so here is it!!!!
Hope u like it…
Do rate d CS out of 10(0 mat dena)

now tat my life is little bit relaxed for couple of mnths – hope i justify my FF nd will write 2 more too soon by Dec nd Jan…

Thanks for ur love & support in Love Vs Ego – At Altar of Sacrifice!!!!! will be regular*Hopefuuly*

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