He closed his laptop and his gaze fell on the photo frame placed on his table top, he caressed the frame which pulled his memory laneWink , Those auspicious oath in front of Agni ‘ the fireOuch , those promises which were taken but never full filled such was life a monotonous ride for him nothing not a drop had changed in those 5 yearsAngry, His relation with Sameera was something he had never looked forward too for he knew their destinies were different but fate had kindled them togetherOuch, though they had survived the test of fate they never had justified the relation with each otherSleepy, Sameera would always be occupied with her priorities and he with his, neither complained but lead a peaceful life.  Confused




                He kept wondering what was this fate which never got him any attraction towards the person who loved him but probably she wore a mask that she loved him since if she had truly loved their life wouldn’t be this way he never gave her a chance since he was much more than occupied with his commitments and she being his wife too never bothered muchEmbarrassed. He turned over to sleep to see Sam sleeping peacefully with a face packAngry ‘ it brought a small smile to his lips indeed he was not wrong they both were never meant to be but were for responsibilities which each filled perfectly indeed something in his life was missing he never investigated much about it but yes he was never bothered his work was enough to surpass all such thoughts’Ouch




               She kindled around the sleeping beauty in her arms, her soul her lifeLOL‘ There was nothing termed as consistency in her lifeEmbarrassed, life had turned upside down these 5 years the time she had left for internship to Mumbai brought her new surprises but alas it took her away from the place called homeCry, it took her away from the people called relativesCry it took her away from the dreams named successCry but life when it takes away it gives back ‘ the Lord is not harsh on any living being and she was blessed with MaahiDay Dreaming  , the beloved her love of life.Embarrassed




               She never thought being a mother would mean so much to herLOL ‘ being professionally oriented She never thought she would be able to commit herself to motherhoodCrybut fate proved it she had lost herself to the small life that she gave birth too Wink, she was proud of being a single parent let alone all the taunts that she never cared aboutAngry , but only one thing she dreamt was not for her but her Maahi she dreamt of a complete life with a Father’s loveCry , the affection with which she was brought up the precious thing on mother earth is to be a father’s princess Cry‘ she teared only at that thought that her Maahi with no fault of hers is deprived of being a princessCry‘ But she had promised herself she’ll be d father nd mother to her Baby Maahi ‘ it was a promise she had taken when she knew her body was breathing for a soul yet to be bornEmbarrassed, 3 years and she had lived her promiseLOL, but tomorrow was a big day she knew she would fail nd few drops escaped her hazel eyes’.Cry





Thanksss All for ur support!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 




8 thoughts on “JAB WE MET – PART 1- IRONY OF LIFE

  1. Very interesting start,looking forward to it…:)) n lastly i just love ur diff smilies aftr every situation,dey r damn cute!:D

  2. Wow awesome part 😀 hmmm so Maan sad and regretting but what :@ He is married to Sameera :@ tied to that grrr That good for nothing selfish lady grrr :@ both are in their own world not bothered about each other :p Good for us 😉 both married but still strangers 😐 for 5 yrs haha inka kuch nai ho sakta :p haha for a second i thought maan may scream seeing facepacked sam at night lol Both are not even giving their marriage a try good good :p Awww my poor Maan is so sad 😦 now Geet ;( omg everyone left her alone 😦 she left all her dreams and facing the cruel world but she has maahi 😀 😀 her tiny little world where she is happy but couldnt give her father’s love ;( who was the father? Did he ditch geet? Omg even her family left her grr oh no ;( poor my geet suffering 😦 hope her saviour arrives soon 🙂 a father to mahi and her love 😀 :* Awesome one Pankuuuu :*

    • yes sad n regretting!!! yes both in their own world least bothered about each other! inka kuch nahi ho saktha n nahi hoga! believe me… y will he scream he is used to the facepack stuff baby!

      y do u want them to give a try to their marriage ? are u out of your sense.. iso much hate u baby….

      yes she has maahi 😛 keep hopin her saviour comes soon!!! awesome haan.. thankss baby!!!

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