PART 28 – LVE –

Geet was unmanageable by all meansLOL… She had been waiting for this day since ages, to receive her mama n papaOuch… She was  in no way listening to anyone, she avoided her breakfast and went nd sat in the corner of nano’s gardenWink… Maan nd Khurana’s had come over excited to meet Rano nd Mohinder at ther arrivalWink. The kids jumped over to meet Geet…. Dev as usual stayed allof with his play station at Nano;s library nd Anni took out he rsweets to share them with GeetSleepy… Once the kids met Maan saw that spark missing in her eyes, she was said though she was going to see them after more than a month that glow nd joy was totally lost from her face. DeadShe appeared pale nd lost of all color….Cry





                Brij had reached Delhi Airport along with Amir nd Aditya Tongue(Geet’s maternal cousins – Ref part 11) to receive Rano nd Mohinder… A long days wait was at the end wen they finally made their appearance after the check out followed by the various security checks nd the security discussion by the Embassy staff Sleepy, after all the formalities Rano came over nd hugged BRij Amir aditaEmbarrassed, all 3 who were so happy to see Rano fit without any injuryEmbarrassed… Mohinder  too got tears seeing Brij nd thanked khim above all for keeping his Geet safeClap– but the very mention of Geet gave a nervous look to Brij he went on complaining how She had pestered him over couple of days to accompany him to Delhi nd how he had neglected her wishes nd was worried to face her wrathAngry…They started their journey back to HP now… Amir nd Aditya took their flights to Banglore nd ChennaiEmbarrassed, they had joined Brij to meet Rano mausi J




                Geet was nothing less than wild she uttered not a single word sat next to the farthest end of the Garden without vicinityWink , Anni tried best to speak to her but Geet was Geet she gave her deathlky glares nd just turned awayAngry… Attaining no success hse left away – Maan walked over to her he could sense how restless she was silently he took a seat next to herShocked, opened his playstation nd started playing expressionless this was something that irked Geet even moreCry – Him playing without her nd not talking to her was something the worst that she could imagine about her lifeCry… She hold his fingers and a silent drop left her eyes ,Maan hugged her Geet nothing is if importance for u to cryLOL … I want to meet mama nd papaCry….They r coming here now na GeetTongue…. Na Maan I want to meet them first but Brij mama left without me he’s a monster he doesn’t love meCry… mummiji nd nano also didn’t let me go all hate meCry… I hate everyone nd she started sobbing….Cry





               Maan hold her hand made her get up and walked her to the drawing room she was upset nd he thought of nothing but TVWink… He switched it on nd they started watchin MovieEmbarrassed.. initially Geet was silent but Maan knew her too well she would back to normal soonEmbarrassed…. AS the movie started going on he rexcited face started to gloom backEmbarrassed – Raja Hindustani – full time she was making fun of Aamirs’ topi nd Maan just smled back though he disliked sitting in front of Idiot Box but yes he was always helpless in front of his GeetOuch!!! The movie ended and then she looked around to see him asleepAngry, she shook him up Maan Maan Listen naAngry…. Wat happened GeetOuch…. U saw the movieDead… haan gee t wat else waould I do seated hereSleepy???? Accha good MaanEmbarrassed.. did u see aamir kiss karishmaaEmbarrassed…. *Hayeee* haan Geet I saw tatWink… Wat is it MaanEmbarrassed?? Geet wen u love someone or u like someone words r less to express nd ur actions expresses moreCry… Maan I cant understandOuch … oho Geet Wink…. So do u mean if u love someone u kiss them tightConfused???? Haan Geet rightEmbarrassed… see mama papa nano all of tem kiss u na ??? Haan Maan they doOuch… Then she stared himSleepy… Maan dnt u love meAngry? Maan with shocked expressionsDead… Kyun GeetWink – if u love me y havnt u ever kissed meTongue ??? Maan stood speechless!!! Shocked




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