She was busy baking the toastsWink, Maahi your belt is kept on my studyEmbarrassed, she kept turning left n right to accommodate herself in cooking their breakfast nd lunch. Well this was something a new change in lifeOuch. She poured it on her plate n walked towards the dining, Maahi was already ready thanks to Geet n only her Belt which was jolting out.Angry. she picked it nd feathered to fit her carried her n made her sit in one of those chairsShocked. Geet was nervous, yes as nervous as anyone could imagine. Maahi maintained a calm n composite natureTongue. Wat worried her probably was something that bringa a first day ironically good byes to a last dayCry. Maahi first day at school life would be her last day of her toddler life this train of thoughts pulled her few years back her first day of college was ironically her last day at home nd yes there was no coming back thanks to her beautifully woven fate.Cry





             He had nothing disorganized in his life an epitome of perfection sailed through his wardrobe fully dressed with d aura of authoritative look n went downstairs holding the Delhi Economic Times glazing through the headlines nd the business dips nd hitsAngry… His day begun with d information he cherished with his newspapers he read almost a dozen of business journals to keep himself par with current situation LOL– his reading would start right at his shower followed by his walk towards breakfast nd would continue through his journey to KM (Khurana Motors) till his cabinOuch. His life was so engrossed within himself he never would turn around to look at things that could make nyone utter an innocent smile.Embarrassed





           Licking the first bite of her breakfast Maahi sideways kissed her mom for making those Pasta Winkyet again she had lost track of how many times she would cuddle up in request for pasta, Geet would look at her with awe may be her dislike towards Italian dishes had taken a positive turn for her baby Maahi who would give anything to eat them!Cry





            He ate the last quantum of his Pasta dadima had made it a point of serving him daily with something that he would cherish at his appetite for d dayEmbarrassed… He waved her goodbye, Were is Sameera Maan Wink??? He stopped short picking up his Mac book He turned Dadima she seems asleep, he waved her goodbye n leftAngry… Oh yes to remind him of his planner Adi had called up – Sir, u r requested to be present at the InaugurationShocked he didn’t let him complete- Adi u know very well things which disinterst me cant witness my presenceLOL. Adi stayed mum nd then took momentum Sir this is important stressing his syllable on Important Dead– Maan gave out a frustrated look sat into his seat opening his laptopOuch– Driver drive to d address Adi would give u on callSleepy. HE dipped himself to his mails.Angry




            She sat into the driving seat cuddling her baby close by herEmbarrassed. This day was precious in ways many than oneWink. She drove to her School n once they reached  were welcomed by wailing childrenCry nd bunches of parents were ever she looked Angry, the kids seem either in their dady’s arms or holding their fingers tightEmbarrassed. Geet felt the hunch, Her throat went dry wat she feared most stood in front of herDead Maahi would have no one to llok at her that way n it pricked GeetAngry. It pricked  her big timeCry. A silent tear was struggling to fall but she turned away to see the brighter side of life unfortunately for her there were none.Cry


PRECAP : Maan n Maahi Shocked


  1. Mujhe aisa kyu lag raha hai ki Maahi Maan ki hi beti hai????
    Both like pasta…hehe..
    I hope i am right..

  2. Part 2 hmmm Awww poor Geet is having such a hard time handling maahi alone 😦 but maahi such a cutie pie already she is ready 😀 but Geet sad 😥 she is reminded of how ppl left her 😦 poor Geet 😦 so Maahi ate pasta hmmm 😀 and here Maan babu uff such a boring person lol news, office, news lappy :p haha he is such a bore :p but he too ate pasta 😮 😮 is that a mere coincidence or they are related :/ huh daadi asking abt sam 😡 maan doesnt knw hehehehe gud one :p hmmm awww geet single handedly handling maahi 😀 but omg she is so depressed and upset to see all parents spcly father around 😦 poor geet 😦 she is so hurt n broken ;( but where is maahi s father? 😦 omg precap 😀

    • yes maahi is a cutie pie.. just like me baby!!!! maan is boring…baby plz take back ur words ,,,.. icant take this he too ate paasta.. hayee d pastaaa…

      yes its kindasad na baby… how or what will she tell her maahi ???

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