It was the most trickest situation anyone would have to go through. Maan kept mumbling as what to utter he was almost speechles..This girl would drive his sanity out with those tactics of hers named as innocene. He took a deep breath took her to nano’s garden & spoke… Geet u r sucha cute baby who would’nt love u! Geet jumped which means u love me too??? Geetttttttt Maan was getting wild now. Wat is d matter Geet!! Wont u kiss me Maan she told innocelty nd forwarded her cheek to him – He almost hit his head , he holded her hands nd started walking towards the interior of d garden (naughty Maan) Geet u know what he started seaking silently, there is a time for everything – he pulled out a bud nd gave her – I pluck it before it turned to a flower nd see wat happens??? A beautiful yet to blossom flower loses its innocence loses its life. HE took her little bit forward he handed her a white flower , see I plucked it nd now in ur hands u can see its blossoming with so much purity… Geet time matures every thing, our phase of life matur n we mature nd our relations mature! We r in tat bud stage now I dnt want to pluck it out – I promise u wen we reach tat flower stage ll kiss u tight!!! Half the things went above her head but remained to her was d very first gift of love a white flower a memory he had given her to keep safe n cherish! She thought d day he’ll kiss me I’ll gift him this flower back!!




                     Geet ran outwards n collided wit Anni, Geet cant u open ur eyes n walk, Geet hugged anni u know wat anni…. Ur khadoos brother gave a free lecture to me which I never understood but one thing tat I could make sense was he said he’ll kiss me! Anni dropped silent, she immediately turned her gaze around to see if anyone was evesdropping, luckily Dev hid himself behind a pilar! Anni almost whacked her, Geet think before u speak nd ok now forget it all… Rano aunty is on d way the’ll be here in minutes!! Geet was jumping with joy, she first went over to her room safe guarded her treasure came out nd was clinging nd singing with Nano wen the trio entered, she ran bumped straight to Rano nd hugged Mohinder nd tears started falling from her rosy cheeks!!! Mohinder carried her nd kissed her all possible ways in her face nd gave her to Rano who too repeated d kiss sessions!! Maan was watching this from the end of d hallway- and was happy finally she forgot the kissy thing!!!





                    Brij came over to carry her sometime but she turned blind to him nd turned off face.. Nano was rofling at Brij’s condition… God knows how will baby Geet get convinved now… Next few weeks went by Geet completely engrossed with Mohinder nd Rano, Maan couldn’t complain he was happy for her… Dev had once warned Maan t o stay away from Geet nd not indulge I such talks, Maan jus shoeed him away!!! After a month Geet n Family went back to Delhi…









                    Back to school it was her 4th grade, they entered High school n Geet was centre of attraction for all teachers n students… she never failed in any of her extra curricular tasks n always had keen interes to excel in sports… she would proudly call up Anni after evry sports match describing her all details of her performance! Maan would listen to her via other line n would later advise Anni of d mistakes she had done… Anni would later pass it to Geet nd Geet would rectify her mistakes later on!! She knew requesting Maan to talk to her was meaningless cos she knew he would never take d inter com to hear her, but she always wondered how much Anni had told him tat he would come out finding faults with her!!!




                   Her Sports day nd Play Dramatic Day nd Annual prize day had all ended with great annoyance thanks to her non stop tantrums no teacher could risk excluding her nd it was so difficult to manage her tooo… Rano always used to be by her helping out in everything. After her exams one fine day wen Geet was busy with her play station finding solace at Rano’s lap – Rano spoke… Geet haan mom…. I wanted to tell u something!! Haan mom.. Dnt u get bored at home alone??? Geet almost jumped out… Na Haan…. Dunno mom…. Most of d time a  mbusy wit Sunaina n Sameer outside playing but at home yes am alone…. I so wish Maan awas here to call off d boredom!!! Rano smiled at her baby! 8 yrs old nd still GH was like a small baby… She then comfortred her in lap nd continued Geet u r going to become a didi…. U know wat a small baby is coming to our house!!!


PRECAP: HOSPITAL HOSPITAL HOSPITAL!!!! PARI entry – now u all know na who Pari’s gonna be!!!!!

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