PART 30 – LVE –








              Didi…… tat word stuck her like a ball of joyWink… She was exhalted above expressionsClap…She  had heard of her friends jabbering about their elder siblings nd so many siblings talk which had chershed as a spectatorAngry, and now she would be witnessing the solemnity of such a relationTongue… She cherished to posses a baby sister, well it was a dream thanks to the relation she had shared with Anni which maddend her carve for sisterhood…Angry




             It was the first sonography reports, the Dr had told Rano its gonna be a baby boyTongue, She was so much upset… Rano had dreamt of a nother princess n her little princess Geet to o wanted GirlCry… Rano spent hours prayin to god to fulfill their wish…Mohinder had remained unavialble to take on this he remained neutral he didn’t want to dash Rano’s hopesCry…Few mnths passed nd few more weeks, the Delivery date was fast approaching!!!Tongue





           Geet was suffering from on n off severe throat infections occasionally she had been diagnosed with acute tonsillitis nd was prepared for surgery, she despised so much to go under the knifeOuch…They had finally undertook a lot of tests for her n on consultation her surgery was postponed since Rano too was in late stages of pregnancy they didn’t want to take such chances…Ouch


            Once vacations stared d Handa’s went to HPWink…. Geet had demanded that shell agree for surgery only if Maan would accompany herROFL, initially the parents took it lightly it was later did they understand tat her tantrums responded her nd Maan to undergo surgeryShocked – it was like she wont get herself admitted if Maan too doesn’t undergo the procedureROFL! Maan was ready but d family members were bewildered they tried in vain to convince her but it all fell on deaf ears!!!Angry




             A complete series of tests were undertaken for both Maan n Anni at CMC, Ludhiana… Geet was praying tat Maan’s reports give him the green signal for surgeryLOL! As fate would have been both Maan n Anni were Diagnosed with ChronicTonsillitisOuch at dormant stage(chronic disease is something tat persists for more than 21 days or so or any long term illness without any deteriotating signs n symptoms), once on consultation the Dr had advised these 2 kids too needed surgical management but not as per emergency criteria like that of GeetSmile… Kunal n Brij had discussed over this nd finally the family’s had decided to go ahead with all d 3 kids to take the surgery as this would be the best time on vacationsLOL… Beena took charge n told Rano to rest over so tat she didn’t have to stay back at hospital nd she would take care of all 3 kids along with KunalWink… The dates were finalized.Cry





            Mohinder had to leave to Delhi for some emergency 2 days prior to the scheduled surgeryDead.It was Friday evening wen d 3 kiddos along with Beena had taken admission to d hospitalEmbarrassed… All 3 were excited n were jollying around d wards!!! There was no sense of hospital fear, for them wen 3 r present it was nothing less then party hallWink!!! Rano finally turned up at night with her 8 th month bump she was finding it very difficult to walk through too but she hadn’t given into anyones advice n wanted to be beside Geet during this event now that Mohinder to owas out of state!Cry




            It was 6 at morningWink! The nursing staff had come over to drape the kids n prepare them for operation, Wen questioned who would like to be operated first Geet hands shoot upwardsTongue! IT was  class room phenomenon for herWink!!! ONce drapped n prepared d kids were laid at the OT waiting roomSleepy!!! Kunal had walked along nd was holding Maan nd Anni’s handsEmbarrassed… Geet looked here n there for some kind of last minute soothe but all she could see frm d curtains drawn apart , a sobbing RanoCry – Ran0 was upset that Mohinder couldn’t make it into timeCry. She knew how much Geet was attached to her papaEmbarrassed… and had thought tat Geet woulddefinitley break down at his absenceCry! It happened so she started silent tears, Maan turned to see her tat way n it pricked him to see his baby at tearsCry. She was a brave kid but an emotional stuck girl…LOL





PRECAP : SURGERYAngry! N then Geet’s MU abt PARI!!!LOL


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