Maahi ran around the campus it was an entirely new sense of feeling for herWink. Geet went over to her classroom to finish up with the formalitiesSmile. The teachers had got all the forms anh handed over to Geet for her signatures, The Teacher eyed her when she signed HandaDead…As Maahi was tagged as Maahi K… Teacher remained silent sensing an encounter with an awkward situation, and forced a fake smileSleepy. Geet obliged and trying to ease the situation – Madam am Geet’s mother – a single parent and her Guardian so its me who’ll be taking entire responsibility and would be addressed to as legat guardian of MaahiShocked. Teacher replied Ok Geet Handa, nd Maahi shall beOuch ??? Geet responded Maahi would be knows as Maahi KEmbarrassed. Thank u and she collected a copy of some papers nd left the classroom for other parents to go through similar proccedings.Sleepy





                He disliked these events of Inauguration, Being a social activist he never minded abt financial aid what bothered him was to stand in the podium and bore his listenersEmbarrassed, he never prepared for his speeches would just walk past utter 2 sentences and wind up.He got down his Black Porsche on call via bluetooth went over to the Main Room where was welcomed with great response and was enlightened about his new Expansion in this territory – He worshipped places of education nd never step back in supporting schools and colleges in developments, since he believed Write to InformationThumbs Up.. Today was one such expansion inauguration… After the intialities he stepped out and was walking alond the lawn beside the playground.LOL



                She ran out in joy to this new atmosphere and dashed himEmbarrassed…Oh yep and she fell  the Pink frock lift over to expose her knee to the ground which was now plated with scratch and tiny blood stains OopsCry… It was her first injury of this kindCry… Big fat drops fell over from her Hazel eyes her Inheritance from her mother – and at the instance he took out his handky and bandaged it without looking at herAngry, it was  never his self to bend down to help someone he always helped people without their knowledge, helping with a concealed identity since he always felt tat by mingling with people he may loose his authoritativeness look of lifeWink, but this small life had changed him for that instantEmbarrassed. He then took her in his arms completely unaware of the surrounding s but she wailed her nonstop tears, it was annoying to others but a tantrum to look from his point of view. He took her to the canteen to feed her some edibles of her taste…Tongue




               Geet had finally escaped from a round of visual interrogationCry… She looked back at her statements Maahi would be known as Maahi KCry… Well it was an irony she thought wen she had delivered Maahi 3 years back a result of forceps Delivery, after the few days on day o f discharge when she had to fill the the Birth Certificate forms, her hands were shivering! She filled all the columns, but didn’t know to fill her surname she didn’t know his name and she didn’t know if he knew a part of him existed somewhere whether even if he knew would he give her the nameCry. She had silent tears and then she wrote Maahi K telling to herself K – Kuch bhi nahiDead….Maahi K tat was how her name was formed nd she never got the courage to tell that to anyone…Dead


8 thoughts on “JAB WE MET – PART 3 – FATE ENTANGLED

  1. Now my doubt is somewhat confirmed tht Maahi is Maan’s daughter..
    Bcoz Maahi’s surname starts from K..though i know tht Geet didn’t know his name still K aur Khurana coincidence toh nahi ho sakta..

  2. Part 3 Wow Awesome update 😀 awww poor Geet had to go thru so much in the school itself regarding Maahi’s surname:( ugghhh hate those officials for questioning her :@ awww maahi was so happy with the new atmosphere that she was over excited ran and fell 😮 😦 oh poor maahi her big tears affected Maan so much awww maan helped her giving his hanky 😀 and even took her to canteen 😀 now deffo both have some relation between them 😀 ok now as for maan being social activist hehe i love his ways of helping n not boring the audience with lectures :p haha generally he didnt care for any openly but he did for Maahi 😀 awww poor Geet didnt knw the surname of maahi s father 😥 poor girl 😦 and kuch bhi nahi as in k or khurana?? Poor geet was so scared while filling forms after birth of maahi 😦 hope her misery ends soon 😀

    • wow…awesomee… thankss baby!!!!

      yes surname ne tho whaaat laga di

      baby na so tooo much excitede!!giving handky differnt na instead of giving gete he’s giving to maahi 😛 canteen n what not bearing all her nakhraaas……. not boring with lectures…i hope everyone realises tat!!!! K for….

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