Maahi had finnaly came back to normal, after a series of endless pampering by him she subsided her self to normalcy, he got her cookies and juice to spill over himself laterWink! Being with this girl drove his sense away, he had never felt like this before – getting connected to a strangerEmbarrassed! She was sweet beyond imaginationWink!!! Maan found solace with her… And finally it was time for his Sadooo speech so he took her leave signaling her to get back to her classes. She gave a broad smile so natural of her…Big smile




                Maan left for as Principal had called him, Geet walked over lifelessly thinking at the turn of events and silent tears were on the verge of making way to her cheeks, but she controlled she had to she had no option she had promised herself never to fall weak in front of her princessCry. She had vowed to never give her pain, she had made it a point in last 3 years of life that Maahi had never the single chance to experience pain of any kind. Lest did Geet know this was a harsh world , the princess whom she had cocooned in her womb the tender plant that had seedled from her the life she had taken care of was today thrown to face the harsh realities of the world, the first time her baby was injuredCry – her first time, Geet believed in concealing Maahi from all pain of life but Maan had stood to give her pain only to soothe it himselfSleepy, that was how life turned – bearing pain was not that one should learn to run awayAngry but soothe someone’s pain so that they smile through the injury and healing periodTongue! Geet eyes fell on Maahi’s knees nd it tore her apart.Angry





             After an endless wails by Maahi nd the never ending pampering by her mommy! Maahi finally burst into laughter – that laughter that brought smile to Geet’s life. They both silently walked towards the auditorium to attend the Inauguration ceremony of the new blockOuch… Geet got a call nd she took excuse ” Hello Mam, there is a problem the clients meeting is preponedShocked– Geet ” WhaTTT!!! “Mam we are sorry to inform but you have to attend the presentation in half an hour from nowLOL! Geet ” But this is not done- you cant call out of the blue and make me run to a presentation it was scheduled for 3 so let it be at 3LOL… “Mam if you miss this then am sorry you have no more rights to this projectTongue! That was like hitting the nail to the coffin, Geet penned down the venue and went over to meet Maahi’s teacher and informed her about her emergency which demanded her presenceEmbarrassed! Teacher – ” but  you cant leave Maahi alone one of the parents are supposed to accompany through this meeting since the principal would lay down the principles that gotta be adhered to in this institutionWink – I strongly recommend you stay back for Maahi. Geet was stuck – she gave a weak smile – ” Mam if its not important I would have never goneCry. I think I would discuss with fellow parents later and take care of Maahi I would be back at 1 to pick her. Thanks .Angry



            Maan finished his Sadoo speech – 18 missed calls from Adi , he dialed and walked by to sit wen the Stammering started Sir – The client have arranged for Meeting Right now – if we don’t attend the meeting now we cant claim any of the proposals for the dealWink – Wow!!! That was it for MSK!!!! “Adi what on Earth are u blabberingAngry – Have u lost it ??? Bechara Adi was tremblingLOL !!!! K ll be there in half hour! He hung upShocked.. Maan took leave from the gathering and as he was walking by he saw baby Maahi with tear filled eyes! Kya hua babyTongue ??? Mamma left! And the tears made its way down Maan carried her and started to divert her attention acha aapke Papa kahan hai Ouch??? This made her cry even more – Maan didn’t understand, she fumbled in between papa humare saath nahi rahtheCry… Maan clenched his teeth for putting up such a questionCry.. He carried her to a near by swing and made her sit , koi bath nahi… Acha aapka naam bolo…. Mai??? Mai Maahi hounEmbarrassed ** Maahiii Maahiii Maahiii** Maan smiled and started swinging her . Oops she shouted told aap swing rokoo… Kya hua MaahiAngry ? Mujhe andar jaana hai Audithorum mainLOL….. but kyun beta ? Teacher ne bola tha… mai bahar kheloungi tho who daathegiCry… Maan had no choice he accompanied her inside and sat with her throughtout the meeting cajoling and consoling her!Ouch




            Adi hit his phone everywhere in the Seminar Hall, why is Maan sir not taking callsCry , why has’nt he reached yet! He was getting restlessCry… The meeting had started and 6 presentations where scheduled today – Today was a big day for Khurana’s the highest bidder would walk away with the best presentation of the NxtG Vehicle Designs! 6 designs out of 3000 applicatns were selected by the boards and today all Major Motor companies were present here to witness the NxtG vehicle design the Highest bidder would seal the contract and the applicant would get permanent job into that company along with copyrights for NxtG!Embarrassed





            The Business Fraternity had accepted Khurana Motors (KM) would seal the deal today and they had come to attend the seminar only to see which NxtG Design would be approved by KMLOL… The applicants were all expecting to make it to the top, Geet sat there praying above that her Design be approved today it would mean a permanent job for her and recongization tooOuch, though she had high hopes about KM she never minded being selected by any, though the room tension all indicated KM would make it today too , but only Adi knew how the seminar would go without Maan’s presenceCry?? As per the Boards the MD needs to personally witness the presentation before finalizing the deal, and unfortunately for KM Maan couldn’t make up till 4 presenations were overEmbarrassed! Now KM was out of race since the MD couldn’t bet on other Designs which he had’nt witnessed therby disqualifying themselves for the NxtG!!! Angry

PRECAP : AngryTHEAngry MAD AngryMAAN! Angry


8 thoughts on “JAB WE MET – PART 4 – YOU ME MYSELF

  1. Part 4 hmm quite eventful 😀 awww Maan even fed her which was something unusual 😀 he didnt even get angry at her throwing food on him 😀 both mingled so cutely Maan pampered Maahi aww she is such a cutie pie awww Geet is so saddened with the interrogating teachers :@ aww she was so worried for maahi 😦 awww maahi finally stopped crying with lots of pampering 😀 oh no meeting 😮 poor geet had to plead that teacher so much 😦 grr that teacher :@ so finally she left leaving poor Maahi alone but Maan was there 😀 oh oh maan also going for the same meeting 😀 😉 poor adi :p awww sho cute Maan just forgot time n place while being with Maahi 😀 omg he asked abt her dad 😦 my poor maahi stammered 😦 maan u duffer :@ awww finally maahi pampered again 😀 oh oh so KM lost the deal 😐 omg poor adi :/ hehe but Maan’s absence was justified na he was with Maahi 😀 hopefully Geet gets the deal 😀

    • eventfull!!!!

      feeding maan!!!! maan pampered her how cute na!!! cutie piee…..

      yes she is sad with the interrogating teachers,…

      no meeting nice na,…keep waiting…..

      if not geet what… maan tho hai na!!!! yes buddhu maan he doesnt know hat to ask when pagal kahinka…..

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