PART 31 – LVE –






            Geet kept crying all the time, she just wanted to see her papa once but now in vian they had trolled he r into the OTAngry! The doctors shifted her to the OT table and spoke to her – but Geet’s eyes sprinkled Embarrassed😛 OMG wat did she just see – Mohinder was standing across the main doorsWink… Was she hallucinatingSleepy… Oh no… she wasn’t mohinder was spkng to some Drs nd then finally sailed in J Hold her hands kissed her tight on her cheeks and left. Gee t gave her characteristic huge smile!Embarrassed





           Te Dr told her to try smell the mask and count backwards from 5Confused… at count of 3 she left her conscious and drifted to deep sleepCry, the surgery went around for 20 more mins and followed by Maan n the n finally Anni all were sucessfuly operated and then were sent back to their rooms! After a couple of hours the kids regained their sensesEmbarrassed! And it was Geet who was uncontrollable beyond doubts! She had thrown up herself twice and the anaestheia effect had kept her head heavy her muscles twitched in many ways and was surrounded by half a dozen ppl to keep her in controlAngry, Anni was silent after the surgery and maan was busy drooling over her twitching bodyTongue!





            Few hours went by and all kids retained their stable form! The Dr walked in and told the kids be fed with ice creams Tonguen gave a list of food items to be adhered too, initially Geet was jumping to eat the icecreams but then the Dr continued whoever finishes 3 scoops first will get a chocolate Geet leaped and started eatin ice cream but to her misfortune she couldn’t swallow she spitCry, she tried another time but sameCry – she started crying finally unable to swallowCry, unfortunately Maan n Anni too had similar probCry, the Dr then advised Rano n Beena that this was a post op effect – nd it’ll take time to heal they wont be able to eat anything but force them to eat, the sooner they learn to swallow the sooner the scars will heal in their throatShocked! It would take a month for them  to swallow normally.Angry






           Next started everyones mission to feed the kidsWink, all of them would throw up Anni started crying wenevr anyone came near her to feed herCry, n Maan would get down d hospital bed n run awayLOL , Geet would shut her eyes tight pretending to be asleepSleepy. Things went on for couple of days , the kids started going weak. Next day they got discharged and their tantrums continued at home tooAngry… Nano finaly came up wit an idea – Beta dekho whoever eats 1 apple first would get the Dadima’s showpieceEmbarrassed! Yiipe…. The kids had their heart over it since ages, it was Nano’s granny’s gift from her hubbyEmbarrassed! The antique piece was  symbol of love the couple in that piece looked divine. Geet winked at her Nano to give her but no he was like learn to swallow first ll give u!Angry





         This trick finally worked – all kids started eating bit by bit , a week passed and finally they started eating to some extentLOL! All were happy but Geet was still struggling to eat , Maan had observed her. Ani was better in eating habits, Geet would puke out everytime she ate something! Finally Maan took up the job of feeding herLOL – he would take her to the garden and tell her stories and feed her from his plateWink, listen to all her wails and tantrumsWink. He too had a hard time nd to convince her started eating things she liked to give her companyWink!!!  




         15 more days and yes Maan struggled to feed her but he had won the betClap! He had started eating normally and astonished everyone by eating the apple without puking outClap! His recovery was firstClap! Nano took the piece and handed it to himEmbarrassed, Maan took it wrapped it and sneaked to Geet’s room who was crying stuffing herself in the pillowCry – and extended his hands to herEmbarrassed! She opened the box and hugged him tight – Maan wat is this Embarrassed? He went on I knew Geet u would never win this betAngry and I know how much u loved this piece since a kidEmbarrassed ! So here it is for uWink! I didn’t want Ani to get it so I got it for uEmbarrassed ……



PRECAP : GEET PARI finally!Cry

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