Maan was brought back to reality when the Driver sneaked in with an Emergency Call,AngryAdi Blurted out “Sir KM is out of Race for today – Maan turned red at the instant looking at the surroundings he couldn’t speak muchEmbarrassed… Adi continued Sir 4 presentations are over and since you haven’t seen any we cant bet on any DesignCry – in short we have lost the battle for NxtGCry…Maan felt his Earth shatter – and yes the Auditorium shattered with rounds of applause the meet was overEmbarrassed… Maahi stood up kissed his cheeks and started to walk back to her class Maan gave a broad smile inspite of the ironic situation he was trapped withAngry! He waved a goodbye and walked towards his Black Porsche! He knew how to handle it all!!!Wink





          Geet gave a short rocket prayer and started with her presentationLOL it took quarter an hour to wind up with her presentations and the shooting queriesDead, she was well satisfied and then made her seat. Maan walked into the Hall with his usual attitude and bunch of boardyguardsWink! Ppl abd the Boards welcomed him – but the atmosphere was bitter!   Ouch




Mr.Kanwal greeted him with a smile –” its so unusal to see a Late running Maan KhuranaWink – I hope Khurana Motors have not lost their finance to the extent to not make up for a bid for NxtGEmbarrassed! That blew Maan away!Angry



 Mr.Saxena ” Mr.Khurana I fail to understand what makes your presence here at this hour of needOuch??? Wen KM is no more into the Race for NxtG why have you to waste your time to bother yourselves hereROFL. Maan clenched…Angry



                The Distributors got a chance to speak their hearts outDead and try their level best to put down Mr.Khurana but Maan was MaanTongue!!! He sat at his seat and spoke If all baseless talks have been done with can we give the final presentor a chance to proceedEmbarrassed??? The Boards nooded and the presentation finally came to an end! Boards started with the discussion for bid when Maan asked through ; Mr.Aditya Chopra of 6 presentations which one do you think would be worth a deal Ouch? Adi spoke ‘ Madam Geet Handa’s Design are way too complicated and hack proof for the defence system that any Company would love to BidClap, n he sat back!Sleepy



               Maan got up – Geet was a silent spectator to the happenings of the Conference Shocked– with all the sudden outburst f events! Maan spoke each word hitting all the seaters hard to digestClap ” It is a pleasure to announce that Khurana Motors would officially sign the Deal with Ms.Geet Handa for her utmost performance today Embarrassed, at this juncture ti would like to inform I CEO of KM feels deeply obliged to have trusted our MD Mr.Aditya Chopra for witnessing the Conference todayShocked and being able to make a decision of this callibre for the development of Khurana Motors Shocked– Thank you Mr.Aditya – Your decision will be regarded finalClap. Every Jaw dropped in the HallLOL, the rivals were enjoying Maan’s off the race and had suffered a heart attack when Maan made this statement LOL– least did anyone expect Maan would turn any situation into his favourEmbarrassed! The final Clearance went without any hindrance and Maan walked out Adi head held high as usual.Smile





             Geet went running behind himm –” Xcuse me Mr.KhuranaEmbarrassed. Maan stopped and extended his hand – Welcome Ms.Geet Handa to Khurana MotorsWink. Aditya would tip you on all that you need to know for this projectTongue – you can join  KM tomorrow at 9 and await further orders and your appointment letter, It was unfortunate that I couldn’t cross examine your presentationLOL but I believe we would get more chances working togetherEmbarrassed! Good Bye and All the BestSmile! Geet ” to Hell with the Appointment letterAngry – Maan stared back with cold expresiions Ouchshe continued – To hell with the Welcome MaanAngry! Maan was fuming like a volcano no one had spoken to Maan Singh Khurana with abusive wordsAngry !!!



PRECAP : Geet Ignoring Maan!ROFL



6 thoughts on “JAB WE MET – PART 5 – THE FACE OFF

  1. Awww…itna sab hone ke baad bhi Maan was smiling at Maahi..
    Uffff..none can beat our MSK…
    The way Maan turned the whole situation in his favour was excellent…
    Maaneet’s meeting was a bit confusing..

  2. Oh my! Poor Maan controlling his anger so much and giving a smile to Maahi 😀 hehehe oh oh Maan back to AYM form 😉 grr those distributors how dare they question msk :@ :@ oh but msk had some plan upon his sleeve 😉 ohh geet made the best one yaappieee hehehehe he made adi as md lolz great move maan! So geet got it finally and the distributors hehehehehe :p :p :p finally maan congratulated geet and hehehe what a faceoff :p poor maan yet angry with an equally angry geet 😉

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