Ok guys here is it, I funno abt akhri pasta so thought will just be a silent reader but unfortunately got a story while studying n now typing it for u all…

forgive me of typos am from tab so ihnoreee…




It was a typical brunch at Handa Haveli, Rano with her usual rants of how the latest richhhyyy alliance rejected geet due to her zero knowledge at cooking, every fortnightly the scene would telecast!!! Geet born n bought up at Spain was now in India for an alliance, her mom n aunt kept taunt marofying for her culinary skills, ignorant Geet kept munching her food.

Titu her bro jumped from no where n handed a parchment to Rano, mommy this s some 15 days crash course on cooking where they would facilitate the enrolled person with certificate too, would nt tat be great with which we can flaunt n get geet di married… The idea seemed cool… Rano started her session of manofying her… Geet finally glanced over the article wen her eyes fell on AKHRI PASTAS CLASS, oops tat was it. she agreed without objections pasta was her favourite n she was imagining a cooking course with oly pasta…

Khurana mansion Dadi with her usual antics of bahu searching for pota maan… Maan jumped out of her thoughts n started screaming into her face, Dadi y did u cancel my Germany flight… do u know how important it is for me to stay there for our project next 6 months n bla bla… wen he finished she finally spoke Maan beta I have decided u either go to Germany with my bahu else no, I can’t see u get invisible, remember last time wen u were on tour for 4 months, n wen u were back it took entire 2 weeks for my eyes to acclimate tat u were my pota, u turned invisible, so I say u not going anywhere without my bahu…

maan made ‘ll kinds of faces but Dadi was oblivious, nakuuul came n handed Dadi her lunch, maan stuck with idea pulled nakuuul to himself, dadima u want me to eat n stay healthy right … see I shall take nakuul with me he’ll take good care of me, maan was literally hugging nakuuul while saying this!!!! MAA DAA LADLE BIGAD GAYA, song was playing on Dadi head, she pulled nakuuul to herself… nooo… I shall not grant permit… nakuul will not go anywhere, he will stay with me he is my cook… do u understand maan my COOK, annibarged into the room at sudden commotion n then finally wen explained abt d situation suggested maan take up cooking closes for 15 days n then plan his trip all parties agreed, on some search maan found the link to AKHRI PASTA CLASS n was fascinated at the thought of pasta his favourite food… He called up n booked his enrollment.

Next day morning while driving Maan was astonished to be blocked at traffic signal by some nut case, a completely mental case (imagine akhri pasta asking for lift), The man was singing mamma mia with all freaky vocables n sounds tat irked maan, AP got into his car, n sprout to sat on maans lap, maan jerked him off… um yummy pasta… maan opened the door for him to get out, AP kisses his hands in the process, Maan was bewildered, ap finally smirked n in a rusty voice requested him to drop at a class, mk unwittingly agreed,… the man had sincerely requested to which mk could nt deny, the journey was worth skipping… with ap holding mk’S hand at every speed breaker n wat not, frustrated mk finally dropped him n got into his class too.

Mk entry collided with Gh… tat was the heavenly collision, wen electricity was produced from both the ends of them being love conductors n finally emitting niharofying love from the bulbs of their eyes… The class was majority with girls n maan felt odd trying to communicate less wit anyone…

AP got up to take class n tat was wen maan realised the freak was his teacher, he hit himself hard… AP started talkin (imagine all d backwaaas he woukd have done)n finally concluded by tellin tat each day he will teach them to cook different pasta n every other candidate should taste n grade each others…

As the class started n he with his guidelines on cooking maan gaped at geet full time, she was going restless with the piercy look he was giving. AP always stood beside maan helping him cook, maan was oblivious to his touches as his eyes were fixed at geet, finally at the end of the class, wen the pasta tasting session started geet walked over to feed the first morsel of her pasta to maan, he touched her silky hands n ate the heavenly pasta. Their eyes locked n time stood for eternity… They had found true love in each other… As they were walking hands in hands outside the class , silence which prevailed btw them finally broke, maan spoke, Ms Pasta will u accept me as sauce in your life, I bet am tasty by all means… She giggled at the cute proposal, yes I would love to be Mrs sauce… they both laughed out their hearts n maan thank god Ms pasta today is my akhri pasta time here, I want to be only your sauce n no ones else… Geet was rolling at his comment on akhri pasta…

They say a maans heart is through his stomach, yep in search of means to fulfil his stomach maan found his heart geet…

Love has no name, it only has an identity to connect to each others souls n pasta was only a medium here… LOL!!!!!!




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