Maan stared back with arrogant looks, May I know what bothers you Miss Handa. She blasted out, your sick attitude Mr.Khurana… I did hear about your outrageous behaviour but what I have witnessed today was totally venomous. I definitely cant relate to any business which starts off with lies and premonitions, When Khurana Motors was out of race , you give a blant statement tat your chirkut is the MD, so ppl who are seated here since morning are fools I assume going by your manners, Maan gave a wild smile, Is this your botheration Ms.Handa.. Yes it is, I cant relate to any gimmicks and falsehood so I deny to work with you, let the Board decide on next best project for you to work with, am away. Maan smiled back Ms.Handa Adi will guide u, n Adi show madam the baseless topics she’s been wasting my precious time on as an Acting MD u definitely know to handle when am away. Good day see you all sharp at 9 – staring at her Hazel eyes I hate Late comers!!! She snipped back I either too don’t want u to love me!




            Adi stopped her n requested Mam u have got the entire incident wrong! She looked blankly her thoughts lingering over the deal she has canceled for a slight deviation of truth, for her values had always taught her to stand up on all circumstances of any odds to face n speak the righteous n never mishandle with anyone’s destiny! Adi continued Mam am the Acting MD of KM , you see Maan sir is away for abroad trips weeks every month it becomes difficult in his absence for our legal proceedings n paper work, so as per KM Papers in his absence am the Legalized MD, no one is aware of this fact n Maan Sir too hasn’t disclosed this for fear of familial mutiny. He truts me n that was the basis of the deal. Her jaws dropped! She had spoke volumes to him, to the great Maan Khurana when he stood at no faults…




           She broke his words n said am sorry Adi SirRRRR!!! He smiled back its ok Geet Mam… u can address me as Adi No Issues! She spoke again Adi Sir, can I take leave now I need to pick up my daughter . Adi stopped dead , am sorry Mrs.Handa but your resmue???? She cut him off Adi Sir u can call me Ms.Handa.. Am a single parent!





           She rushed to school to pick her princess, after the initial hugs and daily notes from class teacher she walked out showcasing her baby some gifts n toys she had collected on her way back! Maahi had many stories waiting to be told to Geet! N Geetheard them all excitedly!!! After all today was both Mamma’s n Baby’s Special day a first of many things!!!




            It was a warm morning, Geet reported at KM by 8.30 n Adi had briefed her of all the happenings about the project in front and other needful assignments pertaining to NxtG! Geet avoided Maan n chose to work from a farther end of KM, The day was devoid of any confrontation , both worked leisurly from their own Cabin’s. Adi had explained to her the Level 1 of Project n she was working on it. The clock struck 12 and she went over to get his permission for leave, Adi stopped her mid way and signaled to go back without asking him , she was confused but avoided any qnsss… She thanked him and went downstairs only to Collide with Sameera… Excusing herself she sailed away! Sameera stood motionless, her worst nightmares she was living it this very moment.. Was it really Geet Handa whom she had just glanced, her brains shut o take signals and she collapsed over the stairs, the  health on one side of losing appetite mounting with sudden stress lead to her downfall through the stairs of KM!



PRECAP” Shocked Sameera!!!!! 


15 thoughts on “JAB WE MET – PART 6 – THE INSECURITIES


    they don’t know each other…

    yes 6… they all presented their design out of which geets was best. n yes maan was highest bidder so km won the bidding n he selected geet… so in short she’s gonna be the project designer for her project which will be financed by his company. meaning both will be equal shares for the project… in addition the winner tat s geet gets permanent job too by the highest bidder tat is maan…

    hope ‘ve cleared…

  2. Oh god now this is seriously confusing….
    Maaneet don’t know each other..
    Now why was Sameera shocked so much after watching Geet????

  3. Hehehehe yeh Geet bhi na 😀 itna kuch suna dia Maan ko for a silly matter like this :p hehe thank god msk took it lightly and patiently explained her abt the md thing 😀 and even adi did too aww adi was cute 😀 she was sorry for her behaviour 😉 aww mamma maahi had a gala time with their first day’s events 😀 lovely 😀 so geets first day hehehe she avoided maan lol hehe but omg she met sam and sam shocked 😮 why ? Did she knw geet b4? Hehe sam fainted out of shock lol :p

    • wahi tho jahalli ki jhalli rahegi…… itna suna diya….

      msk took it lightly something very new!!!!

      adi is cute OMG OMG OMG!! baby where are u going ????

      mother baby had a galla time !!!! sam shockedd

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