OS – POWER OF MAAN’ (shaktiMAAN’s) LOVE – GEET!!!!!!

Hello all… a very long time since I had written something… ‘ve never either written or read an Os so ignore ignore if the content is either too short or long… this whole concept of picking a character n woving a maaneet story appears challenging so I thought will give it a try.

p.s. ignore spellings :/ am from tab so expect all kinds of errors…LOL…


OS – POWER OF MAAN’ (shaktiMAAN’s) LOVE – GEET!!!!!!

it was the umpteenth time she had read through the letter, each word etched to her hearts n the signature brought tears of joy** was it really maan.**… Her years of love had reciprocated but she couldn’t fathom how the secretive n shy maan take such an initiative to express love on parchment. Tat was so unnatural for him, but when did he do natural stuff he was the supernatural hero.

Geet Handa was a reporter trainee at Orlance Media, whose sole purpose to join Orlance was to get daily glimpse of Maan Singh Khurana… Maan was a research scientist at Orlance but a full time state detective at New Hampshire.. His extraordinary skills had landed him into State job. His scientific training was worth a million dollars n every other year his milestones were the topic of trends at Google+ πŸ˜‰ His achievements made the numerous followers he got , but for last 5 years his purpose of life Had been diversified to his nutshell of the lab. Ppl failed to understand until one fine day he submitted his most worked upon paper – The Invention..

No one had any idea abt his invention except the defence branch of New Hampshire & it was on tat auspicious day did finally Geet Handa lay her hands at Orlance πŸ™‚ She from then on had tried many ways to approach him but Maan would either be involved in his labs or else field reporting for the unsolved mysteries of Hampshire…

It was one such late evening did she receive her first love letter signed by Maan, initially she had imagined it to be some prank but as days went by the letters n msgs became frequent . at office Geet had hardly any time for any confrontation but she made a point to reply to his every letter n drop at his lab before departure. initially the letters were once a month , then the frequency increased fortnightly n then biweekly… What she never understood was y a man of his nature resort to writing??? But wat she noticed over a period of year was tat she received such letters only during the days when Maan would reportedly be on field duty n not his labs.

Geet sat by her window n called him the umpteenth time only to hear the voice mail – Maan had never replied for the last 1 year… It all appeared gloomy to her now, at the initial days it all appeared like a typical love story n every time she kept consoling herself Maans busy schedule n all the reasons under the sky, but today somewhere in her hearts doubt took form. She was on holiday yet cycled to the office to find out abt a bomb explosion at a military base where Maan was under charge for investigation.

After strenous search She made her way to crime spot to see a baffled Maan stare at her n what baffled her was the physical work out by Maan tat was superlative – in front of her vision she could see 2 replicas of Maan, a wounded Maan who was struggling to stand up n a perfectly fine Maan who was apparently working on the remsintans of the explosion. She stood there flabbergasted but what took her by surprise is wen Maan came near her n hugged her tight. She closed her eyes in peace only to open back seeing him gone. But the wounded maan stood there still…

Confused Geet walked towards him n he spoke ghar chalthe hai geet. She silently nodded. It was when Maan took her back to the lab she confronted with replica Maan again… Maan holded her hands n spoke, Geet meet him he is shaktiMAAN *LOL LOL LOL LOL* my invention the help of whose I have gained doubled name n fame this past one year, my human robot who works 24 hrs n aids me at all cases, Geet stared, it was due to him tat I had to keep away from all, my work commitments never permitted me to accept u since our college days, probably I never had the courage to confess my love but THE POWER OF MY LOVE HAS SURPASSED ALL BOUNDARIES N MY EMOTIONS REACHED U VIA shaktiMAAN… I LOVE U GEET – WILL U LET ME BE A PART OF YOUR LIFE!!! geet never blinked her eyes n only then she understood what maan was trying to tell, his love was so powerful tat it few through his invention shaktiMAAN n touched her heart, Maan in this many years had never tried to contact her or express those unsaid feelings, but his invention had stirred or transformed those feelings to her heart πŸ™‚


pls dnt throw slippers… took 45 min to type this from mob… I know it’s stupid phir bhi would want to see ur opinions on this :p



4 thoughts on “OS – POWER OF MAAN’ (shaktiMAAN’s) LOVE – GEET!!!!!!

  1. Lol…ShaktiMaan…
    Tht was super cool..
    Maan had manufactured a robot who was areplica of him..
    The Robot expresses Maan’s love to Geet aa Maan cldn’t express himself..
    Loved it..

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