Dr.Maan Singh Khurana : A 30 year old CardiologistEmbarrassed, from the University of Medical Sciences, who had been on private practice for 3 years had recently for a year changed to community practice or licensend practiceSleepy! A Doctor par excellence,  role model in his graduation days at medical schoolClap , never involved in relationshipsCry, his dedication to his profession was salute worthy.Day Dreaming


Dr.Geet Handa : A 27 year old OphthalmologistCool, but currently working as a non clinical resident as Medical superintendent as a Forensic Expert at the StatesStern Smile. Was an Average Medical student at University of Medical Sciences and had taken up Opthalmology as couldn’t make it to study Clinical subjectsDead. After her Parents death in a Plane crash she changed her interests n joined forensic sciences.Ermm


These are the Characters which are the most prominent in the story…


Apart from them you will meet,


Lilly – Assistant Nurse at Maan’s clinicDead, whom Maan is currently datingDead, His first Girl friend in a lifetimeAngry! Thans to Lilly n her cheap acts that Maan kept falling for her feeling guilty out of no reason!Cry


Patricia Nelson – Maan’s Patient PPROFL!!! Whom he had addressed as PROBLAMATIC PATIENT for her incorrigible complaintsROFL , she had changed 18 Doctors over a period of 5 years and from past 1 year was under Maan’s careDead, thanks to his undying support n treatment…Clap


Mr.Nelson – Husband of Patricia an overly protective HubbyAngry!! Born with silver spoon n married to golden spoonAngry! Had no business to run cos there were many to be handled n lived peacefully with all commodities n practices HuntingShocked, was a wildlife research scholar!Evil Smile


Anni Handa – Maan’s Cousin sister was married to Vikram Handa, Geet’s paternal cousin brother! They had a kid Pinky Handa.Hug



So guys these are the main characters in the story!!!!!Embarrassed


I hope its not boring, but believe me it’ll be great fun once the story unfoldsss!!!!Shocked



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