PART 32 – LVE –

PART 32 






                15 more days and yes Maan struggled to feed her but he had won the betEmbarrassed! He had started eating normally and astonished everyone by eating the apple without puking outOuch! His recovery was first! Nano took the piece and handed it to him, Maan took it wrapped it and sneaked to Geet’s room who was crying stuffing herself in the pillow Angry‘ and extended his hands to her! She opened the box and hugged him tight Angry‘ Maan wat is thisShocked ? He went on I knew Geet u would never win this bet and I know how much u loved this piece since a kid Blushing! So here it is for u!Blushing I didn’t want Ani to get it so I got it for u ”Evil Smile




             Geet was immensely happyEmbarrassed, she hugged him tightHug. That Crystal masterpiece was the apple of her eyes since long time n Maan had won it for herBlushing! The pure innocent love of Childhoosh somewhere gets corrupt when we shed our childhood n enter into adulthoodOuch. Fate plays cruel games only to see if we can withstand all turmoils in every relation but alas life is unjust at timesDead. Happy Ending are dreams only in fairy tales, these kids were unaware of the harsh reality of life!Dead



           A couple of days passed, Wen Rano mama had her labour pains, she had been very excited and the pain was were a mockery she felt as she was going to deliver her second joy! LOLGeet had stayed back n  Beena Mohinder accompanied Rano to hospitalWink‘ It was late past midnight when they all finally heard the chirps of the new bornROFL!!!! Oh yess It was a Baby girl unlike as previously thought of a boySleepy! Rano had delivered another PrincessShocked‘. Mohinder carried the tiny baby n spoke into her ears my princess PariEmbarrassed!!!!!






     It was a joyous moments at Handa’s n Rathore’s the baby was bornEmbarrassed!!! Early Morning Geet was given the good news, n she kept jumpin out of joyEmbarrassed! She was waiting for Maan n Anni to accompany her to the hospitalOuch‘ As Maan had come she hugged him tight,Hug‘. Maan me became DidiSilly‘. Can u imagine!Silly! Maan gave a cheesy smile’ Oh yess Geet.. u r biggy didi nowDancing!!!! Geet flaunted off being an elder sibling n kept nihrofying at her looks as she wanted to look preety while going to meet her PariROFL‘ Maan had been staring seated in her bedHeart‘. His gazed fixed to the mirror at the cornerDay Dreaming,. The acute angle his eyesight made collaborated with the image that stood in front of the mirror Day Dreaming, the image of a Princess clad in Pink trying to look smartDay Dreaming!!! Maan kept smiling!Day Dreaming


Kids smile for no reason n once they grow upEmbarrassed,. They smile at no reasonsDead!! That is when the smiles leave your solitude n shades of illusion fill urself!!!Dead


PRECAP : GEET SAddd Angryn unhappyyyAngry

6 thoughts on “PART 32 – LVE –

  1. Maan gave Geet her fav masterpiece by winning the bet…
    Yeeee…i knew it Pari Geet ki chhoti behen hi hogi..

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