It was 7 past in the evening, he was standing in front of the mirror trying to fix up his tie something that he disliked utmostDead, Fashion sense was something that never bothered to him, but tonight was a special oneAngry! The Grand Ball and yep He couldn’t imagine he would be attending it, as a busy practitioner he never got the time for social gatherings, but last one year had changed his entire existenceWink! The workaholic man had found time and most important money too!!!Sleepy



              He was so lost in his thoughts that he failed to notice Lily enter his apartment Dead, she left her Coat and stood exposing half herself, walked towards the bedroomAngry, Maan saw her enter, he smiled back ,LOL she walked sensuously and came hugged him from back encircling her hands around his waist Angryhe chuckled Deadand turned to look at her, her eyes fell on his undone tie! She holded them Maan u know what u r such a poor learnerAngry, God knows how u cleared ur medical recordsShocked , He silenced her she blushedAngry, what to do Ms Lily wen my teacher is so stunning how do u expect me to concentrate on the subjectCry! They both giggled she made up his tie while he was looking at her or in fact staring non stopCry… He bent to kiss her when his Mobile rang upClap, he smiled and went away to attend the call!LOL




             Good Evening Dr, This is Peter on call, Maan clenched his teeth Angry, his last year though had been so productive this one person’s call was something would always turn disgust for himLOL! The man went on Dr ,Patricia is complaining of vague symptomsDead! Maan almost left a sigh. Mr.Peter when did she actually present herself with any normalityLOL? The man ignored Maan’s comment…. Dr I suggest u hear me, she is complaining of stomach pains and breathing difficultySmile… Maan listened carefully to outrule any chest painEmbarrassed , thank god there was noneLOL… He went on, she seems restless and is not oriented tooAngry, am worried Dr can I take her to the Nursing Home???Ouch





         Maan clenched his teethOuch, it was 7 already n going to nursing home n looking over her would mean they would definitely run late to The BallDead… He spoke after a deep silence, Peter I believe there is no such thing to worryDead, you very well know how hypochondriac Patricia is, I have changed her medications and she must be feeling a bit uneasyAngry, so its perfectly okOuch! As far as having seen her today morning I suggested her to do some excersie I think she has overdone it leading to weaknessSleepy, but anyways am coming now, will check over n if need arise will shift her to the Nursing Home! Angry

PRECAP : Cardiac ArrestShocked! Maan trying head over heels to SAVE HER! AngryAngryAngry

12 thoughts on “DARK HIDDEN SECRETS – PART1

  1. Awesome part 1 😀 awww even i dont know how to tie a tie 😛 hehe and no idea about f of fashion 😉 oh so he is a doc wow cool 😀 Lily entered half exposed grr :@ who the hell is this and how dare she grrr :@ :@ what 😮 she is his teacher n gf 😮 😮 😮 yuck yuck yuck lily ;> grrr he was going to kiss :@ thank god the moby rang 😉 lol 😛 Oooh Dr.Peter 😐 and Patricia 😐 she seems wierd 😦 having chest and stomach pains 😮 😮 but am glad maan listened attentively 🙂 but refused to go :@ due to the ball grr he ignored the state of the patient for his personal reasons :/ oh no hope nothing goes wrong with Patricia 😦 grr i hate that cheap lady lily huh :@

    • even i dnt know how to tie a tie !!!!!

      yes he’s doc… isnt that cool

      half exposed teacher kahan se… yuck yuck yuckyyy…

      going to kiss but didnt na???

      its not Dr.Peter.. its patricia’s hubyb!!!…

      maan tho very good dr!!!!

      oh no!!!! keep hoing nothing goes wrong

      next commetn nest day ??? u reading one part per day… ho gaya sanyaas phir

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