Sameera was Rolling downstairs literally wen Adi jumped to catch hold of her, Maan came outside his cabin due to the commotions taking place only to find adi carrying sameera, Maan came forward n Adi handed her to him, Maan gently carried Sam to his cabin n laid her on the sofa, the Drs were called but before they could come Maan decided to shift Sam to Hospital.



Geet had almost barged out of KM, She was almost getting late, she picked up Maahi n drove back home left her under the care of their neighbours n dolly aunty fro m the Café n drove back to KM, completely oblivious to the happenings behind her…




Sameera had been unconscious for almost 2 hours, Dadi maa too came up for enquiry about her health, Maan was getting restless, he knew Sam was not taking care of her health but never expected that it could turn this worse, some where he felt responsible for not taking adequate care of her.. May be his engrossment in his works had proved costly for him…



Finally wen Dr told she was back to sense Maan n Dadi went in along with the Dr, Dadimaaa hugged Sam n was literally into tears. The Dr started Mrs.Khurana you should be happy, we r having a good news , dadi looked up confused… Yes Sameera is pregnant n Mr.Maan Singh Khurana congratulations you going to be a proud father now! Tat is it, it was like volcano erupting in his brains, he stood motionless, dadi now started crying out of joy n coccoing sam, while sam’s gazed was fixed at Maan… Dr took their leave n Dadi too went out to the temple at the Hospital to pray for her kids.




Maan closed the Door n came forward to hold her tight in her arms, How dare u Sameera. What the HELL is wrong with you….. Maan is all that she could say n started crying! Shut up will you, I know you are not pregnant n don’t try to illude dadimma I cant stand lies n u know that very well.. Sam spoke after Maan blurted out her anger, Maan please calm down just listen plzzz…


PRECAP : Sam spinning non sense stories into Maan’s head!!!


  1. Its too short 😦
    wat is Sameera up to!!! 😡

    i thought i ll b d last to read ur updates!!!but when i opnd fb,i found ur update in d news feed n woww..m d first to read i guess 😉

    • the power off had different time today rinny so :/

      I have typed the next update n it’s very very big!!!!!

      will give on Monday after updating love vs ego…

      I haven’t sent pm so only fb friends would have found the link!!!!!

  2. What the hell? Sameera preggy? :@ poor daadimaa so worried for sam and here that lady grrrr :@ hehehe why did maan think sameera lying ? And not that she may get preggy sleeping with other men :p oh em gee maan angry but grr sameera weaving lies again :@

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