PART 33 – LVE –





                   Geet was super excited when she reached the hospital with Maan, ful time holding hands in hands Embarrassed!! It was a splendid moment to step into her mother’s lap n crawl around herLOL, She missed her mommy too muchCry… In fact it was the first night wen she had stayed away from mom.. Rano kissed her on cheeks n took baby Pari n showed her.. Geet gave a big smile n almost started licking Pari out of joyLOL, Pari who was know sleeping was wide awake to some new sensations n started smilingLOL. Geet was very happy n almost snatching Pari from Rano wen Mohinder came n took off Pari. Geet beta she is so small u r not supposed to touch her u may harm her see how small pari isAngry… Geet understood nodded silently n went over to sit by Ani n Maan…Cry




                  Hours passed by n the three kids keep fidgeting n talking Embarrassed, neither Ani nor Maan were allowed to carry Pari but each of them got a chance to play with her for some timeSleepy, The elders of the house were at constant vigil over Pari…The other kids were almost neglected n during lunch time Beena took them back home convincing they would be back the next dayAngry, Geet went over to kiss Rano but she was asleep n Beena n Nanaji prevented her from doing so saying Rano needed rest, her face fell n she went to kiss the baby but Mohinder came n told her not to disturb the babyCry. All of them behaved differently with Geet or that is what she thought so, it was just that they were trying to be protective .LOL





                  Geet went home n was in foul mood, Beena fed her n then she went n locked herself in her roomEmbarrassed , Maan went running behind Geet before she could lock up, she was wailing loudly making her pillows wetDead, his heart teared apart seeing his Princess crying n the worse was he didn’t know why she was crying n couldn’t even say anything cos she never bothered to listen..Broken Heart




                CHUP GEET BILKUL CHUPDay Dreaming!!! Do u get tat he said finally after minutes roaring n freightening her making her silent at the very instantDancing. She started sobbing now, he almost made her rest oh her lapAngry, n caressing her hairsEmbarrassed, Gee t wat happened Maa ne kuch bola kyaAngry.. she nodded for a no while still sobbingOuch … then wat happened y is my princess cryingEmbarrassed…. She took up her head n started cryingCry, oh god she was no where to stop, he made her sit up n wiped her tears.Blushing 





              She spoke out finally after multitudes of cajoling, Maan no body loves meCry, everyone loves only PariDead, u saw the wasy Papa was holding her he didn’t even let me touch herAngry. N Mama too never kissed me while coming, every one just loves her no one is bothered about meAngry, she slmost broke her sentence in mid way n cried for very longAngry. Maan didn’t know how to stop her D'oh, well he really didn’t understand how to explain her, Pari was so small n everyone needed to take care of her, Geet was grown up n could manage byherself, but how will he make her understand, probably the way with pamperings she was bought up she couldn’t see her love being divided or she couldn’t see someone getting the love care n affection her insecurities building up Shocked,n Maan knew She had to understand it now , before she starts imagining baseless things!!Cry





           He let her cry till she became tired n wen her sob were weaker he spokeEmbarrassed, Geet n she immediately sat upright, Y do u think no one loves uAngry!!! I love u sweetheartBlushing!! See even in the hospital wen everyone were with Pari I was with u playing with uBlushing! Its that Pari is so small, she cant sit or talk or walk byherself, so she needs ppl around, but u big … ucan doo all that by urself na Embarrassed!!! N mind u everyone loves by baby Geet the way I love u so muchHug… He extended his hands wide to show her how muchHug… She smiled back n haan Geet no cryingEmbarrassed!!! Baby Pari needs care n attention ok so grow up n act mature!!!Wink



Gosh….., wat a revelation at such a tiny age!!!




AM thinking may be the beginning of the Love!!!! Real Walla Love!!! Cos they both r growing!!!! Now tat u ppl haev seen the innocent love, i’ll write the matured love n after tat… 



2 thoughts on “PART 33 – LVE –

  1. Geet thinking tht everyone is ignoring her after arrival of Pari..
    Loved the way Maan made Geet understand the situation..

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