Maan was bubbling in rage and Sam did understand well after all it was the prestige issue for Khurana’sDead‘ Sam spoke half dejected Maan ‘ He glared back, stop lying to me, I know u r not pregnant n u dnt intend to atleast not with your current project, could u plz explain all this filthy drama of yoursLOL.. Sam spoke up Maan plz understand Dadimaa is growing old n she keeps on dreaming abt spending time with her grandchildren being a Khurana I cant deny her tat Can I Cry??? Maan spoke back oh Yes u canAngry! Where have your loyalties been last 5 years buried under your passion to excelLOL??? Sam retorted back , Maan u dnt understand the gravity of the solution , Maan screamed oh YesAngry, I did get carried away Sam but nope I’ll not dread make any more under your supervisionAngry,. Do u understand. Am not gonna help u in this lies’ Get it out’.Ouch




        Sam spoke after some time, Maan I suggest we keep the word of my fake PregnancyDead. We’ll tell Dadima that we have to stay in US for our project, n after 8 months we can return with an adopted kid, my project will be over by then at ParisClap, n Dadima can get her potaTongue. Maan stared back ‘ Sam dadima wants a Khurana HeirDead, not an adopted kidCry, Am ready to adopt any nos of kids to keep Dadima happy but this is not what she wants, n believe Me Both Dadima n am Ready to wait for our HeirSmile, we shall never pressurize u , u know that very well n plz stop getting insecured, u concentrate on our works, n then we can plan for a family when everything is settled, Sam don’t do anything in hurry, we did a careless decision few years back n I don’t want to repeat anything Sleepy!!! Hope u understand saying this he went out.Angry




        Sam had tears, how could she make Maan understand, though Maan was ready to wait, but she was scared dead scaredCry, she cant even attempt for a family now, thanks to her commitments next 6 months may be she thought as soon as the project gets over they can plan for a kid so that she can bind Maan under her life longCry. She cant lose him especially now after seeing GeetCry, she had to act fast before any thing untoward comes out!Angry




           Geet was back in /office resuming her work, when she came to know from Collegues that Maan Sir’s wife had fallen off the stairs, she felt sorry for the incidentLOL. She had few project doubts n was trembling to go ask him anything, anyways she had to face him, she walked towards his cabin n made the first initiative.Shocked




           Maan saw her coming, in his foul mood he didn’t want to encounter her againDead, he knew now that either one of them in bad mood will spoil everything since her temper was beyond imagination on par with hisLOL, a girl who could dread talk to him like that would definitely not doubt to bash him againROFL, n in his present state of mind he could not counter her interrogationLOL, she stepped in ‘ He spoke Ms GeetOuch , we can speak later I have a meeting to attendLOL, she stared back ‘ WHaTTT, how come Pinky lied to me u have cancelled all ur meetings for the dayEvil Smile, he turned his chair the other side n banged his headOuch! She spoke Maan Sir plz dnt bang your head I can see through the sparkling marblesROFL , this girl was getting on his nerves! Out you go nowAngry! She said NOROFL till I speakAngry. He got up, fine then speakROFL n he left his cabin!!!!Broken Heart



PRCAP : Sam knows abt Maahi!!!! Angry

12 thoughts on “JAB WE MET – PART 8 – THE RESURFACED FEAR –

  1. awesomeeeee yaara….. 😉
    grrrr dis sam is hell irritating… bechara Maan….
    really loved Maaneet’s convo…
    i thot maahi is maan’s daughter….so Maahi is Geet n soneone from KM’s daughter may b Dev’s…… ya phir Maan ki memmory loss !!
    Gosh me bi na ……
    Update fast fast…… make it a bit long yar…..
    😀 😀 😀

    • manjuuuuuuu……

      u think too much…. no memory loss so chilkaxxxx….

      I hate Sam n u will hate her even more :p

      thanksssss n updates evening or tmrw morning :/ depends upon power!!!!

  2. So many questns arising regarding maaneet,mahi nd sameera connectn,waitng fr d cuming parts to slowly reveal everythng..

  3. This sam sssooo disgusting..
    & why the hell is she sssoo scared after seeing Geet???
    This story is getting relly very interestingggg..

  4. Awesome part 😀 haha sam giving excuses :p not everyone is fool sam :p :p perfect question raised by maan where was her care for daadi for the last 5 yrs :@ and adoption? Seriously? She is so not a family making girl :@ Good that maan outrightly spat on her face for her cheap tricks :@ disgusting :@ oh sam scared due to geet :/ why?? Hehe geet wanting to talk to maan and maan wanting to not talk :p :p :p hahaha their convo was so funny :p maan thinking geet at par with him :p gud going 😉 haha she not allowing him to leave :p but finally he left lol

    • sam n her bekara xcuses!!!!

      wahi tho y will maan not question her at d right cord!!!!!

      not family girl baby….. cheap tricjkss….

      geet wanting to talk n he not…lovely na!!!!!

      lolz… they both r crazy i tell u

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