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             Patricia was taken to the Emergency Room(ER)Dead, The ER staff well equipped n trained to manage such life threatening situations were at disposal Embarrassed. Maan immediately attached monitoring machines only to witness his sinking patient Dead, The Duty Dr, Anaesthologist all made way to help him outDead! Maan’s friend Dr.James a Cardiac Resident too came up, after assessing the basic situations Maan finally called for a CodeShocked! CPR was tried in futile, n cardiac compressions were given, Intra cardiac adrenaline too was admistered but the Patient just seem not to be responding!Cry



            Geet sat silently over the dinner party, her parents Demise Anniversary and to make her mood light her friends had pulled her for Dinner, her friends who were getting married in a week Rose n Jack were the ones who coaxed her to come on the advise of FredDead, Geet’s colleague Co Medical Superintendent at StatesAngry. Finally Fred came over n dinner was ordered, n before it was served! Fred stood up on the chair in a dramatic wayEmbarrassed! Hold to his coke bottles n blushing hard announced or in fact proposed to his Lady Love in front of the entire restaurant. Geet’s eyes widen in shock, Finally he stepped down n went to stood beside her Ms.Handa would u like to marry me???Angry




           Geet was silent spectator to the surroundings, Fred had always beena very good friendLOL, she knew he had an eye on her n had proposed her twice before but she regarded it as a joke n used to shun off! Fred continued Ms.Handa If u run away this time ll consider myself third time unlucky meaning u were not born for me but for some special oneDay Dreaming!!! She smiled seeing his almost teary eyes, n got up to wear the ringBroken Heart! He just jumped in joy n hugged her tightShocked, so guys n girls me Fred getting married to Ms.Handa in 3 months from nowSleepy! Fine Geet! SMILE plzzz !Cry








            It was 3 in the morning , when finally James held Maan’s hands n pulled him out of ER, Dr. Maan plz announce you know we cant do anythingCry, it’s a finished caseCry. Maan stared hard, he knew it was over long time back, but his heart made him try everything to save her, Maan considered patients as God’s and he definitely was always at distress and never step out during such trivial situationsAngry. He nodded for No, But James held tighter, Maan let go, let her rest in peace, its all overDead. Please… Maan took some time to asses, walked back to ER, n spoke silently cancel the CodeDead, the patient is not responding, but once again he tried the fibrillator to induce some heart beat but failedDead, n walked out after covering her face with white linen.Dead



PRECAP : The Beginning of his End!Angry

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12 thoughts on “DARK HIDDEN SECRETS – PART 3 –

  1. Poor Patricia..
    Agghh..pehle woh Maan ki GF lily..ab Geet ka fiance Fred..
    Maan is totally shocked after Patricia’s death..
    I think he is considering himself responsible for her death…

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