PART 9 :





             Geet was fuming with anger, she had come here to be back on terms with him, and he without hearing to her just left her alone in the cabinShocked… She went off and started to concentrate on her work. Maan saw her from the distance barging back into her room, he had a victorius smileLOL, like thank god she leftLOL! Poor Maan didn’t know Geet had other plans for him! She called up Adi and asked about some Design files, which Adi said none other than Maan had them in safeDead. Geet chucked! She knew know what to do!Dead





            It was past 8 and all had almost left KM, but she kept on working, or in sense over working, cos she had to teach him manners for not speaking to herROFL! She kept on n didn’t realize when she had fallen asleep, Maan left his cabin only to see his desserted office, a scene which always kept him fascinatedSleepy. There was light from the far end something out of the way, he went over to see her sleepingWink. It was a serene scene! He came out of his revere when her phone rang, she instantly jerked off n attended ‘ Shit, Sowieee Am coming right now Angry‘, n cut the call only to see him standing gaping at her. She appeared confused n walked forward, ur office timings r over so don’t u dare stop meShocked! Before he could reply, ‘n haan u can shout at me mouthful, open heartedly’ taking out her photo frame put in his hands and walked out!LOL



                   All he could do after she left was smile at her wordsWink, she gave him her snap so that he could shout at her without any inhibitions, he was literally rolling, he went to him cabin, left it in his Drawers n drove back to hospital only to find Sam was discharged!Angry




                   He entered his room with a rage beyond expression, she lay over the bed silent, the whole Mansion was joyous with decorations and festive season like looks, he clenched his teeth for all the preparations going on, surely Sam hadn’t told dadima about her fake pregnancyDead, Dadi came in with soup in her hands to feed her, looking at Maan she stopped midway , ‘ how dare u come so late maan, don’t u realize ur responsibilities atleast now, enough of work work work all the time, Sam needs us more than anything so it my order u work from home from tmrw, I want u by her side all the time, do u get it ‘Angry

He spoke pulling her to another room, Dadima she’s not expectingSleepy. The soup fell from her hands n the hot liquid flushed his feetSleepy, he couldn’t move backward too he stood still trying to explain, Dadi it was a misdiagnosis, I have met the Dr just now. Can u plz stop the celebrations.  Ouch




                    Dadi walked to their room n hugged Sam cryingCry, Sam’s anger was growing beyond limits, Maan had again seen to that her plan failedAngry, now she had to do something big n uniqueOuch , probably she shouldn’t act fast like how she did now. She should deal with the situation in depthLOL, she should fully plan and act smartly, probably it will take time but yes she has to do something now. She cant take this easy.Dead


PRCAP : Sam knows abt Maahi!!!! Angry[ VERY SOON]Angry

Guysss am extremely upset!
Most in fact all my readers have left, they r unaware that am back i believe, ve started wrtitng this new FF too which i had prmised before, n i see no responses from u… u all know very well i have never asked for likes or comments, but today i really want to know if my FF’s r worth reading, am reday to wait if readers have gone for exams but if they have left my writing then it pains me insoite of taking so much effort from college n clinics to come n write , for Maaneet am writing and will always continue to do so but it’ll make me smile if ppl really cherish my horrible writing n motivate me to write inspite of all the difficulties am facing..
anywasy s hope to see good response from u all!!! 
Love ya,
Mali Dead



  1. Geet is Awwwsmm….!!!
    Sam’s plan fails!!aise bakwas plan banayegi toh aur kya hoga 😛
    Again same precap 😦 continue soon…

  2. Hehehe…Gave gave Maan her photo ssoo tht he can shout on her wholeheartedly after she is gone..tht was really hillarious..
    Sameera ka plan Maan ne fail kar diya..lol…she deserves it..

  3. Hahaha Geet totally miffed off seeing his irrational behaviour :p lolz and maan thanking god like bala tali :p :p hehehehe ooohh geet waiting to teach maan a lesson hehe boss ko tewar :p awww maan drooling over sleeping geet 😀 uff geet going non stop lol she handed him her snap :p hehehe awww maan smiled at her anger n snap lol grr sam again :@ aww daadima was so happy n scolded maan 😦 glad maan flopped sam s plan :p poor daadima 😦 grr sam :@ omg sam thinking something more :@ :@ grrrr

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