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PART 4 :



           The morning sun rose with very little hopes, he was shattered trying to assimilate the situation that his patient was no more. He sat fow how long only he could tell, as the morning crowd started and the hospital crowd fathomed he finally got up to move on. He had lost many patients previously but it was all expected cases, patients who were in critical conditions whose scope of recovery was far beyond possible, but Patricia was not among them, she was delusional but not the one with extreme health risks, she did complaints of frequent chest pain, but all check ups n reports suggested no heart pathology, may be she was to just die abruptly, could he have saved her? This thought was eating him n he drove half mindedly back to his apartment.





          3 Days later the Funeral Proccedings went on, n He attended them still trying to recover from the shock. Now the fact she was no more stuck him deep inside, Lilly accompanied Maan as she couldn’t see him so much upset last few days, he had cancelled his appointments for 1 week and was almost sulking in, when they drove back she spoke Maan I thought we join a gym from next week, ve got the details plz, don’t say no we can spend quality time together! He retorted back we work together Lilly n where is d Qn of paucity of time??? Speak sensible!!!!









          Few days later finally Maan was back to normal, he had taken the loss personally, n in 1 week time he resumed to normalcy. It was Friday evening when Maan returned from gym along with Lilly, as they were waiting for their car, a Man came out from no where and handed him an envelope, Maan looked at it amazedly. What could it be? Why was someone giving him this at the middle of the road.




         He tore open the envelope only to die of shock! What the HelllLL was this…. He read it all over again only to fathom the situation, Mr.Peter had sued him of Medical Negligence for the case of Patricia’s sudden cardiac arrest! Maan’s life doomed then n the very minute. The colour of his face tore out, and he stood numb, how could that Bastard do this to me, that freaking guy called me over to funeral too and now snapping at my nose this legal notice? Lilly souldnt understand anything, she took over n read to get a set back… Maan was no where near control, and she finally took the keys and started to drive! Lettin him drive would mean breaking set of rules and getting irrevocably noticed!




           Throughout the drive His temper was outrageous, What does tat freaky Peter thing, am sure life would be pleasant for him without Patricia.. I for god’s sake now how he was cheating on her and lining on numerous girls, there is nothing for him to lose on this death n he claims this sue cos of mental n emotional agony ? What agony is that bastard going through, I believe I have suffered more than him in this untimely death… Lilly tried to speak but Maan didn’t let her!




          It was nature’s wish she die! Thank god she died… Atleast the many ppl whom she was torturing could live happily now, that mental maniac deserves no life n I like a fool was worried about her loss but believe me lilly she was no more than a burden on this earth, even a stone is useful if kept in middle of road, but this lady was useless weightage to the agony of earth. Peter thinks am responsible for this negligence to hell with his thinking, God forbid even if am involved in negligence I think he should thank me for neglecting her symptoms n letting her die. What a mockery of the situation he has done, Of all ppl on earth y has this to happen to me, first this change of practice then the bunch of impossible patients n then this creepy lady , she never let me live in peace when she was alive and continues to haunt after her death too. What a tragedy my life is…

Sometimes we don’t know the weightage of words we have spoken and this is going to prove heavenly weightful for Maan!


PRECAP : Maaneet meet each other after so many years!!!!!! 

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