LVE – PART – 34 –

PART 34 :


To all doubts : maan is 11 yrs n Geet is 10 yrs now!!!



               It was few months since Pari had been born, the love n attention towards Geet were getting divided, poor baby geet was not liking it, but she loved her pari, n was very possessive with her, they had gone back to Delhi n he rschool started, Geet would finish up with her homeworks, play with pari, she learnt to feed her, carry her teach her to talk and waould be engrossed with her fully! At nights she would call up, n Geet Anni would talk long hours, Maan hardly spoke to her so she would complain abt him cutely to Anni expecting her to fish up his ears, but Anni never spoke to Maan about Geet…. Maan would at the instant pick up the night calls as soon as Anni attended the call, n with his room line would stalk their conversation, Anni used to get the Beep sound that someonle else had taken the other line n it took few days for her to realize it was none other than Maan, she neither confronted him nor told Geet any time tat All the time Geet was complaining about Maan he would be on call hearing their duo talk!!!





            Beena Kunal n Maan had come over to Delhi for a couple of days for some function n Maan insisted he stay back with Geet rather than attend such functions. Maaneet were full on playing n doing masti with Pari, Pari had learnt to crawl n would sit byherslef unsupported, she would plug everything into her mouth whatever was at her vicinity. Maaneet had a hard time managing her n finally put her to sleep , n they both scrolled up to play with themselves, Geet holded his hands n pulled him ,Maan u know what we have taken care of Pari jus like how maama n pappa do! How sweet na behaving like mama n papa!!!




             Maan at first didn’t understand what she was telling then she told, Maan we too would become Maama Pappa one day na , promise me that day too u will help me look after our Pari ??? It was such a sweet confession Maan couldn’t deny, that was the childhood love beyond all pleasures n pressures. He nodded silently, to which she reciprocated with a hug, and kissed him all over his face! Well little did the kids realize that love is a mistake , love is such a mistake that one could afford to do once, n these kids had done the mistake, had mistaken themselves by , falling for someone,, loving someone,, losing oneself to someone, n will face life to be, broken by someone,, battered by someone, ,n will still continue to  truste someone, well that is love!


Love is nothing but sacrifice and very soon the’ll witness it !!


A poem on Vday for Future Maaneet when their love gets jinxed!

I expected and I got
I got and I lost
Lost where words from my sphere
No joy could I see to adhere
Lost were smiles that were a part
Of me; Found as a board of dart.

Lost were those blessings
Hidden in those wounds dressings
Lost were those memories
Drained were those theories
Lost was that peace
Breached up into piece
Lost was that sight
Lost out of sight.

Who said life is in being?

Life is all about things we lose
Life is all about The Unknown BOSE
Life is all about those pricking dose
Life is all about The Red Rose
Life is nothing but all that we lose. 

–         A.M.S-





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10 thoughts on “LVE – PART – 34 –

  1. Mali i’ve read all is just amazing..plz update next part..i’m eagerly waiting..loved that sweet love of Maaneet.. ❤

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